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The Fiji weather means there’s really is no bad time to take a holiday there, as it enjoys a tropical climate year round.

The maximum temperatures generally reach around 26-32C, and gentle trade winds from the southeast can often cool things down very nicely. In the water, you’re looking at mid-to-high 20s, which makes wading in to swim, snorkel, surf or just flop about a real pleasure.

March to December are the most popular months to visit Fiji, as this is when the days tend to be warm and sunny and you can make the most of the beaches, pools and the ocean.

Humidity drops during the Fiji “winter” (May to October), which makes outdoor activities more enjoyable. This is considered a “shoulder season” (except June-July, see below) and good deals are always available. Scuba divers enjoy increased visibility around coral reefs during the Fijian “winter”.

The peak tourist season is in June-July, so you can expect busier resorts and hotels, and to pay a premium for your holiday.

Fiji’s wet season is typically over “summer” from November to April, and this is a great period for securing excellent travel deals (though not necessarily in the school holiday period over Christmas and New Year).

During these times you may experience heavy downpours that only last a short time. With the temperatures and humidity at their peak, these bursts of rain can cool everything down.

On the main islands, there is usually more rainfall – up to 6,000mm annually in the mountainous areas – than on the smaller islands.