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What To Pack

You’re going on a beach holiday, so keep it pretty simple. (And if you don’t cram too much into your luggage you’ll leave room for Fiji shopping for some bright Bula shirts or floral dresses and souvenirs).

This is a tropical climate so make sure you bring a few pairs of swimmers, goggles, short-sleeved shirts and tees, sunglasses, thongs or Birkenstocks, and wide-brimmed hats. Sunscreen is also a must, though if you’re wary of it winding up through your clothes, you can buy it on arrival in the Fiji Islands.

If you are planning to visit a village or dine in an upmarket restaurant, remember to pack appropriate clothing that is not too revealing. Women should wear a sarong to cover their legs. Fiji is quite a conservative country and it is important to respect the local way of life.

At night it can get a little cool, so make sure to bring pants and a jacket, jumper or sloppy Joe.

While you may get around mostly in sandals or thongs, don’t forget to bring sneakers if you’re planning to walk, or play tennis or golf, and dress shoes for the better restaurants.

Fiji is tropical and that can mean mozzies and other bugs. Insect repellent is a must, and it’s wise to bring a few different brands. A basic First Aid Kit is also a smart investment to deal with any cuts or scratches.

As smart phones progress, it’s becoming increasingly rare for holidaymakers to travel with a quality, purpose-built digital camera. But whether you’re using a film or digital camera, or a smart phone crammed with filters and other editing tools, Fiji holidays are a photographer’s dream. With a little pre-holiday research and practice, you can maximise the quality of your smart phone holiday snaps. Also consider an underwater camera, or underwater housing for your phone if you want to get real crafty.

You DO NOT want to wind up at your resort in Fiji without chargers for your devices. That would be a real pain. So, before you leave for the airport for your flight to Nadi airport, walk around your house and gather up every last smart phone, tablet and laptop charger you can find. Be ruthless. Pack them all in your luggage. You will be glad you did.