5 great activities for families in Kuta

Bali is the perfect place for the whole family to have a great time.

When families go on holiday, it can be a bit of a mission finding activities that everybody can get behind and really enjoy. The kids may want to do something that doesn't appeal to the adults, while parents usually don't want to spend all of their time at attractions aimed... Read Article

Come sail away in Vanuatu

Come sail away in Vanuatu with the whole family.

Ahoy there landlubbers! You may have been doing a great deal of exploring the shores of Vanuatu, but have you spent enough time in the water yet? We're not talking right along the beaches – oh no! One of the best ways to enjoy Vanuatu is to get out into... Read Article

The components of traditional Balinese food: Part 2

Balinese food covers vegetarians and meat-eaters.

In a recent article we looked into a few of the factors that make Balinese food so exciting and different. From the equipment used to prepare food all the way to the region-specific spices that give meals their kick, it's hard for any other parts of the world to replicate... Read Article

Top 5 things to do around Port Vila with the family

Family fun in Vanuatu!

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Exploring Balinese art in Ubud

Balinese art is completely unique.

I think we can all agree that Bali is a place of spectacular beauty. From the white sand beaches to lush patches of forest, there's a variety of different landscapes to see, and all of them are true works of art. Bravo, Mother Nature! However, there's also some pretty incredible... Read Article

What can picky eaters enjoy in Vanuatu?

Picky eaters can still find plenty of yummy foods to eat in Vanuatu!

If you have a picky eater in the family, you know that going away can be a bit of a challenge. It takes years to find a restaurant that the whole family could enjoy, so leaving your child's go-to spots behind can be slightly nerve wracking. What will they eat when... Read Article

The components of traditional Balinese food: Part 1

Balinese cuisine makes the most of local ingredients.

Balinese food is many things. It's intensely historic, with recipes passed down from generation to generation, and classic methods of preparation and cooking retained to provide the uniquely local taste. On the other hand, the cuisine is also experimental and creative, with chefs always finding new ways to utilise staple ingredients in... Read Article

5 rules of etiquette for a visit to Bali’s temples

Here's what you need to know before visiting Bali's temples.

There are lots of reasons why people like to visit Bali. For some, it's the perfect place to relax and unwind after a year of hard slog at the office. For others it's a chance to get away with the kids and experience all sorts of fun activities while getting... Read Article

Monkey business in Bali

You know, Bali is an amazing place to holiday. It is filled with amazing ancient architecture and temples, places of which you are encouraged to follow the 'look but don't touch' policy. You might want to get your hands on some of the country's amazing artefacts, but we all know... Read Article

A guide of cultural events in Bali

What can you learn about Bali's unique culture from these events and festivals?

You may have heard the words 'tropical paradise' used to describe holiday destinations located in the warm South Pacific waters, but you probably haven't actually heard them used in the right context. What is the right context you ask?   Well, plan your next holiday to Bali and you'll see... Read Article