6 safe bucket-list activities in Vanuatu for mature travellers

Delectable cuisine, adventure and natural beauty – Vanuatu has bucket-list activities in every category. What's more, you don't have to worry about Vanuatu safety as the archipelago of cultural intrigue and ancient history has many secure activities for the mature traveller.  Some of the exciting bucket-list activities in Vanuatu that are safe for... Read Article

Hiking Mauna Loa: Everything you need to know

Hiking the planet's largest active volcano will put you on top of the world (or at least Hawaii). Climbing Mount Loa is no walk in the park, though. You should make sure you're well-prepared before you attempt to make it to the summit, as it's a challenge for even the... Read Article

Partying safely in Fiji: what you need to know

Enjoying some fruity cocktails is part of the Fiji fun, but you should always keep safety in mind.

Going out to party can put tourists in a vulnerable position. Things can easily go wrong when you're in a crowd of strangers late at night and under the influence of alcohol. However, there is no reason you can't enjoy the nightlife in Fiji as much as the beaches. All you need is... Read Article

A guide to exploring Lanai by scooter

Hiring a scooter will give you freedom to explore.

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6 cultural festivals in Vanuatu you don’t want to miss

Vanuatu's islands aren't just pretty - they are hotspots for cultural events. ,Vanuatu's cultural festivals are more than just a sight to see - they're an experience.

In February each year, villagers on a remote Vanuatu island paint 'USA' across their chests and worship an imaginary American called John Frum. This cult celebration is just one of the many colourful festivals in Vanuatu. Local festivals here are unlike anything else in the world, showcasing everything from daredevil... Read Article

How to make the most of your beginners surf holiday in Fiji

Oh, Fiji! It's one of the Pacific's most beautiful corner of the world. From hikes, snorkelling right through to surfing – this gorgeous island group can provide you with some experiences everyone at home will be jealous of.  If you're an active person just learning to surf, we do need to note that a... Read Article

Where to buy hiking gear in Fiji

Welcome adventurers! Getting ready for your expedition across the wonders of this world requires not only the lust for new things but a bit of planning. This is particularly true when it comes to organising a hiking holiday in Fiji, which boasts a lot more than just wonderful sandy beaches. ... Read Article

A guide to Vanuatu’s beer

Get a taste of Vanuatu beer with this go-to guide!

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Have your kids entertained with a babysitter during your Bali holiday!

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5 great activities for families in Kuta

Bali is the perfect place for the whole family to have a great time.

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