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Travel on a Budget

In Australia, we are incredibly lucky to be situated in such close proximity to some of the most beautiful tropical destinations on Earth. Bali, Thailand, Vanuatu and Fiji are some of our closest neighbours and are just a short flight from most major Australian cities.

Why not make the most of our close neighbours and plan a getaway – on a budget of course!  After all, the holidays are supposed to be relaxing, not cause more financial stress.

Departing From Australia’s East Coast

The closest holiday destinations for Australia’s East Coast are Fiji and Vanuatu. A direct flight from Sydney to Fiji takes four hours and a flight from Sydney to Vanuatu direct is just three and a half hours – just enough time for a movie and a nap!

Hoot offers a range of great deals including flights to Vanuatu, airport transfers and accommodation.

Check out our most affordable, value-packed deals for Vanuatu and Fiji.

Departing from Western Australia and Northern Territory

Western Australia and the Northern Territory are only a short distance from some of the most exotic locations in the world. Phuket is just less than an eight and a half hour flight, soif you can snag an overnight flight, you can simply wake up as you touch down in Thailand.

Bali is also incredibly popular with Australian travellers. It’s a very short flight – especially from Perth (only about 3.5 hours). Bali is also one of the most affordable places for holiday makers since the Australian dollar value is so high in comparison to the Indonesian Rupiah.

For a fuss-free holiday, we recommend booking an all-inclusive package. Here are some of Hoot’s best packages for Phuket and Bali.

Departing From South Australia

Unfortunately for our SA people, it is a longer flight to nearby tropical destinations like Bali and Fiji, but if you choose to book an all-inclusive holiday with Hoot, you’ll have huge savings with our generous packages.

Save with All-Inclusive Deals

Hoot Holidays takes the stress and hidden costs out of your holiday by offering all-inclusive packages. Hoot offers return flights, luggage, meals, in-flight entertainment, return airport transfers and accommodation with the added bonuses of meals and other extras like daily drink packages, spa treatments, tours and activities, upgrades and more, depending on your resort of choice.

You can see Hoot’s latest deals on the Hoot Holidays website.

Travel in the Off-season

Travelling during off-season is a great way to enjoy your holiday on a budget. Typically, there are fewer crowds and therefore less demand and lower accommodation prices.

Check out the destinations and off-seasons below.




November to May (excluding December and early January)


November to March


June, July, September, October


April, May, September, October

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