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When To Go

When considering planning a Fiji holiday, one of the questions that constantly arises is, ‘When is the best time to go?’. There’s a lot of factors that contribute to a reasonable answer for this question – the temperatures, peak tourism times, deals on accommodation and airlines. But really, there isn’t ever a bad time to visit Fiji – it’s an island paradise in the south pacific! But of course, everyone has their own ideas of what makes the best time to go on holiday, so here at Hoot Holidays, we’ve outlined a couple of different times of year that offer you each of their own benefits.

July to September

This is easily the most popular time of year for tourists to travel to the Fiji Islands – and with good reason. With temperatures steadily sitting between 28 and 31 degrees through the day and a low level of precipitation, this time of year has the tropical climate you’d expect in dreams. This also means that there’s the greatest range of activities available. Jet skiing, golfing, kayaking, zip lining, snorkelling – everything you could want from a holiday to Fiji.

However, being the most popular time of year, it also means you’ll be contending with a lot of other holiday-makers for those beautiful Fijian sun rays. Being the peak season, it also means that Fiji resorts and hotels charge their highest rates at this time of year.


Being just on the shoulder of the dominant peak season, October is still an incredible time to be visiting Fiji. With average temperatures ranging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius and a relatively low chance of seeing any rain, you can still enjoy the tropical island fantasy. Being outside of the peak time, you may also find that the price of accommodation and flights during October is lower than through the July to September period, and family holidaymakers will be less in number.