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Travelling with babies

Let’s be honest: caring for a baby is challenging, no matter whether you’re in Sydney, Adelaide, Auckland or Fiji.

But you need a Fiji holiday, right? Lord do you need a holiday. The older kids, they need a holiday too.

You want something different, a new culture, not too far from home, where the weather is warm, icy cold drinks are served by the pool, the locals adore babies and babysitters are at your service, and you can just … Zzzzz.

“Where’s Mum?”

“She’s fallen asleep on the banana lounge.”

“Should I wake her up?”


If you need a cot and high chair during your stay, simply request when booking.

Babysitters are available at very reasonable prices and Hoot can assist you with this when booking your Fiji Holiday. For an in-depth guide on travelling to Fiji with babies see our blog.