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Teen Travels

Holidaying with teens can be a rollercoaster for all members of the travelling party, but with enough good humour and patience, everyone can have a fun family escape.

Despite the occasional moods, teens are old enough to truly remember their holiday and likely mature enough to appreciate the experience. They can also usually be granted a little more freedom, which gives them the chance to explore on their own while you relax and read a book or have a massage.

Laidback Fiji islands destinations are perfect for those teenagers who don’t seem to want to do anything other than sleep, eat, sunbake and maybe take the odd dip, and Fiji ticks all the boxes here, with kilometres of stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and an amazing array of local and international dining.

Make sure your teen has some involvement in choosing Fiji resorts, hotels or suites where you stay and the experiences you have, whether it be a village visit, a jet boat ride or a day at an adventure park.

Wi-Fi is widely available across Fiji but can be patchy in a country with so many remote areas.

Travelling in Fiji With Teens is easier than you think. Hoot can help guide you towards a property that suits your requirements.