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Guide to Sanur

When people imagine the sandy beaches, calm ocean views and laidback lifestyle of Bali, they’re probably picturing Sanur. One of the oldest resort spots in Bali, it’s remained a tourist favourite for a reason.

Sanur has everything you could want from Bali and more. Offering fine dining, beautiful beaches and countless stunning works hidden amongst the local stalls and markets, Sanur is an art and culture hub a world apart from the busy centres of Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

Sanur accommodation

The beach hotels, resorts and villas in the Sanur region are designed to deliver the most authentic Balinese experience possible. Away from the busier parts of the east coast, yet only a short taxi ride away, Sanur is its own paradise, encompassing what it truly means to have a relaxing getaway.

Unwind by the pool, book a spa package or take a walk along the beach – dipping your toes in the warm Indian Ocean, Sanur is the perfect place to take a break. Our favourite places to stay in Sanur are the traditional and authentically styled Griya Santrian and Puri Santrian hotels.

What to do in Sanur

While it’s a great place to relax and not do much, there’s also plenty of things to do in Sanur to keep you entertained when you aren’t sitting by the pool.

In the second half of the year, as the winds pick up from July to October, kite festivals are held along the coast of Sanur, much to the enjoyment for anyone who happens to be on the beach at the time. It’s become a standout in the international community, the giant colourful kites drawing crowds from all over the island.

Another highlight just a short 15-minute drive south from Sanur is the Turtle Conservation and Education Centre on Serangan Island. It’s a great place to learn about the history of turtle conservation efforts in Bali. Or, for a more personal sea life experience, try Bali Seawalker and take a walk on the bottom of the ocean!

Shopping and Eating

Sanur is recognized as the main centre for art in Bali. People visiting this region will find an incredible array of boutiques and stalls, housing a wonderful variety of local artworks, creatively designed and hand-crafted jewellery, wood carvings, stone work and beautifully made furniture. Get lost meandering through the markets, hunting for antiques at bargain prices.

A stroll through the beachfront promenade will also offer a wide selection of bars and Sanur restaurants reflecting its’ laidback lifestyle.

Sanur is the perfect destination if taking it easy is the number one thing to do on your holiday agenda. But, if at any time you feel the need for a little bit of adventure and excitement, its location means you’re only minutes by taxi from wherever you need to go.

For more information about Sanur, or if you’re looking to book your next holiday here, get in touch with our team today. We can’t wait to give you a perfect Balinese experience!