While Fiji is a romantic getaway dream, it’s also one of the best holiday destinations in the world for a fun-filled family trip. No matter where in Fiji you decide to make your vacation, there’s guaranteed to be loads of activities and entertainment that will keep both kids and adults happy.


Popular Family Activities

With so many activities on offer for families, one of the biggest problems you’re going to have is trying to fit everything in! Some of the most popular activities for families include snorkeling, swimming with turtles, kayaking, building sand castles or exploring the various sites of Fiji at your own pace.

If you’re wanting to go a little bit further than the usual sites then there are plenty of options to take boat trips out to the beautiful reefs, coral reefs and islands. Just slop on some sunscreen, throw on your swimmers and a hat and you’re ready to discover the abundance of colourful sea life. Something the kids will really enjoy about a boat trip is the opportunity to snorkel amongst the incredible variety of stunning corals and sea life – the array of colours you’ll see amongst the tropical fish are unlike you’ll find anywhere else.

The good thing about taking a family holiday in Fiji is that no matter where you stay, you’re never far from the beach or some lush jungle to explore. So taking a family walk or hike is an absolute must to get to know the place. You’ll also find that taking a walk around the local centres will show you a variety of different village markets to get lost in. You and the kids will find a vast number of trinkets and souvenirs at a low cost, as well as the opportunity to interact with the friendly locals.

If you go at the right times, you’ll also find that the local villages are packed with exciting traditions and displays – whether it be watching a fire-walking show or a cultural song and dance extravaganza, there’s going to be something that keeps the whole family’s eyes wide.


Family Accommodation

When it comes to family accommodation in Fiji, there are plenty of choices at a range of different prices to suit any budget. Most of the room categories in Fiji have more than enough space to fit two adults and two children in the one room, with some resorts offering extra bedding configurations. Just make sure you check with the kids that they don’t mind sharing a room!

If you’re looking for more space or you’re travelling with a bigger family, there are plenty of other options at most of the resorts. You can book larger rooms and some even have their own separate sleeping areas for children in case they need to get to bed a little earlier than you.

Staying in an apartment style accommodation is another popular family option, with some of them including a kitchen, washer and dryer and living space for the ultimate home away from home experience. In some cases, these awesome apartment-style places are more affordable than booking two rooms in a resort!


Kids in Fiji

Even though you’re going on a family holiday, it’s understandable that sometimes you need some adult time. Luckily, Fiji has quite a few child-minding or babysitting services available so that you can enjoy some of the serenity without the little ones. The resorts and hotels in Fiji are famous for their hospitality and many will offer kids’ clubs where children take part in fun and supervised activities. There are even some resorts which offer your little ones their own personal nanny or baby butler for a day or two if they’re at a young age. If the kids are older, then they’ll get a ‘buddy’ to hang around with all day. No matter their age or interest, the main role of these buddies or baby butlers is to keep the kids happy.

If that doesn’t sound like something that appeals to you or your kids, there’s always the option to leave them in the safe hands of resort staff, splashing around in the pool, playing in the games room or learning to dance Fijian style while you and your other half take an indulgent and relaxing treatment at the spa!

No matter what your family is like, there’s literally an endless list of options for families in this idyllic island nation – so why not discover it together?



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