Bali Resorts & Hotels - Grown Up Getaways Bali is the perfect destination for those seeking an idyllic holiday not far from home. Just several hours' flight from Australia, this tropical paradise is an easy journey that offers huge rewards.
Leave the kids at home this time around so you can really experience the island nation at your leisure, without any of the demands and stresses from home. This way, the vast beaches, warm ocean water, pampering spa treatments and heavenly hotel rooms are all yours to enjoy without distraction! Who could say no?

It's no question that Bali is also a great destination for romance. Its very atmosphere is evocative of all things starry-eyed, whether it's the misty mountain landscape, rousing local music or fresh, sea-salt scent.
Not to mention Bali's luxury resorts encourage indulgence and enjoyment. Enjoy dreamy candlelit dinners with stunning ocean views, or treat yourself to a rejuvenating couples' massage.
The island is also culturally rich, so whether you're located at the beachy enclave of Nusa Dua or in the streets of Ubud there are cultural sites aplenty. You'll come across beautiful song and dance as you explore local temples, markets and villages getting to know the inviting culture.

The natural landscape is also incredibly picturesque, perfect for hikes and romantic picnics. See if you can stumble upon a serene inland pool or waterfall where you settle in for lunch, surrounded by magical jungle.

Or perhaps a sunset cruise in calm, offshore waters is more your style. Enjoy watching red, orange and pink light up the sky as you relax on a yacht, drink in hand with your loved one. I wonder what those kids are doing back at home right now?

We have the low-down on the top spots in Bali, so get in touch and we'll fill you in and get the ball rolling.

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