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What to Pack for Visiting Vanuatu

As well as your sense of adventure and swimming costume, there are a few key things to pack for your Vanuatu holiday. The Pacific archipelago is a place where anything can happen, from visits to traditional villages and climbing volcanoes, to dozing on a beach all afternoon, so it helps to go prepared!

Take the stress out of packing and make sure you’re ready for anything with our guide on what to pack for Vanuatu.


Dressing for success in Vanuatu means donning outfits that are suited to the weather.

The climate is often hot and humid all year in the islands, so your Vanuatu packing list should include clothing made from light fabrics, such as cotton or silk – leave the woollen jerseys at home! Activewear or fabrics that dry quickly are great for those occasions when you get damp from sweat, a surprise rain shower or the beach. Loose clothing is usually the most comfortable and you can embrace the island atmosphere and opt for bright colours over dark blacks and greys.