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Guide to Tanna Island

Tanna Island is the fiery heart of Vanuatu. One of the southernmost islands in the archipelago, this is a place steeped in mystery and magic. Where else could you peer into the mouth of an active volcano, come into contact with a cargo cult and snorkel with turtles off black sand beaches during your Vanuatu holiday?

Just 50 minutes by air from Port Vila, Tanna is rich in local tradition and is an island experience unlike any other in the Pacific.

Where to stay

There aren’t any large towns on Tanna, so this island is ideal for anyone looking to escape the hectic pace of modern life. Embrace the wild natural settings and the untamed environment – it’s the perfect backdrop for adventure!

Friendly Beach is a resort located on the remote east coast of the island. Staying here is a true back-to-nature experience, with luxury eco villas rising out of lush vegetation just off a volcanic black sand beach.

On the other side of the island, White Grass Resort is a collision of colourful gardens and blue seascapes. The Pacific Island lifestyle is encapsulated in the timber rooms, abundant palm trees, and the beach with its garland of coral.