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Vanuatu Weather & Climate Information

When you’re jetting off to an island paradise, the last thing you want to think about is rain. However, despite being sunny most of the time, Vanuatu can experience heavy rains and even occasional cyclones.

So that you don’t get caught in a downpour without a raincoat, make sure you know what to expect from Vanuatu’s weather before you go.

Vanuatu’s Seasons

Vanuatu has two distinct seasons, with a relatively cool dry period correlating with winter in Australia, and a warm wet season over the summer months.

Vanuatu weather is hot enough for the beach all year round, with temperatures during the day ranging from 20-33 degrees Celsius, depending on the season. February is typically the hottest month and August the coolest. August is also the driest month while March experiences the highest rainfall.

While timing your visit to Vanuatu around the seasons can be useful, rest assured that you can travel to Vanuatu at any time of the year. It is unlikely that you will be met with constant rain, even in the wet season. Plus, the rain is always warm!

Dry season: May to October

The middle months of the year are mostly dry and sunny, but you may experience higher winds. This time of year is winter as far as locals are concerned, so you may see the occasional beanie or warm jumper being sported around town. Don’t worry though, the coldest temperature you are likely to get is a chilly 13 degrees overnight and this is only on very rare occasions. Daytime temperatures still reach around 26 degrees in winter.

Sea temperatures hover around 22 degrees in the dry season. May to June is generally the windiest period, but the breezes are usually welcomed as a relief from the heat!

You might still experience the odd afternoon shower in the dry season, so packing a rain jacket is always a good idea.