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About Vanuatu

As the locals say ‘Welkam’. Vanuatu offers an amazing variety of holiday opportunities. Touch down in Vanuatu and the first thing you’ll notice is how warmly you and your family are welcomed to this island paradise. Smiles, laughter and the family spirit are what this nation is all about, making it the perfect destination for a Vanuatu holiday.

Each of the Vanuatu islands and provinces has its own unique culture and experiences and the locals are friendly everywhere, so you will be assured of a warm welcome. It doesn’t matter if you’re escaping for a romantic getaway for two, a solo excursion of enlightenment or a good old-fashioned family holiday – Vanuatu has it all. This island nation offers a blend of diving, fishing, water sports and other adventure sports with more relaxed activities like cruising, sunbathing and swimming, all set amongst some of the most spectacular scenery you’ll ever encounter.

Not only is Vanuatu sensational but so too is its range of resorts. Accommodation is plentiful here, and you can find everything from self-contained apartments through to traditional remote village options to satisfy your every holiday desire.

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