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America - land of the brave, home of the free. It's a country we see so often on television, up on the big screen and in the media that sometimes it can feel like our culture is theirs. But to really get a taste of American living, you've simply got to experience it for yourself.

If you can tear your teens away from the TV long enough to plan a holiday, why not try the USA? It offers incredible diversity to satisfy even the most discerning traveller in your family. With so much to see and do, it's a good idea to plan early and set aside a good amount of time to make the most of your holiday!

Teens obsessed with movies and Hollywood culture will love a stopover in Los Angeles. The city is the heart of America's movie industry, where you can get guided studio tours, witness live filmings and even spot a celebrity or two! Take a stroll along the Hollywood Walk of Fame to travel in your favourite actor's footsteps, and make sure your camera's at the ready to snap away at your favourite stars.

New York is another fantastic city for teenagers. They'll be swept up in the bright, bustling streets and be in awe over the sheer scale of the buildings. It's truly one of the world's great cities, and teens will relish the chance to watch their favourite Broadway show, check out the Empire State Building and pay tribute to the Statue of Liberty herself. Don't even bother trying to limit time spent on their cellphones - there'll be selfies aplenty on this trip, but at least you'll get them off the couch and experiencing the big wide world!

Budding musicians can't go past New Orleans for a taste of real jazz music. You'll all be enchanted by the soul of this city, and the locals are bound to charm you as well. Make sure you enjoy some of the world-famous delicacies while you're there! From po'boys to gumbo to slaw with a twist, you'll never want to leave, even if you have to loosen that belt buckle by a notch or three.

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