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To put it simply, there’s never a bad time to go to Thailand. The place is beautiful year-round and there’s never any shortage of things to see and do no matter when you plan on visiting. There is some variance in weather throughout the year though, so it’s important that you know what to expect climate-wise before you book your Thailand holiday.

Weather in Thailand

If you ask a local in Thailand about their different seasons, you’ll probably get the fairly standard answer that there are two dominant seasons – hot and hotter. This holds some relative truth because really, it’s never cold in Thailand. However, there are some variations in the weather. Officially there are three different seasons:


This time of the year occurs during the months of November through to February. It’s uncommon to get much rain during this time and temperatures usually fall somewhere between 25 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius, with the hotter end of the scale being rarer than the lower end. If you’re wanting to get in a lot of exploration, action and activity during your time in Thailand, then these months are going to offer you the most comfort weather-wise as you won’t be as inundated with humidity and heat as other times of the year.


This would be what the locals in Thailand refer to as the hotter part of the year. Occurring during the months of March through to May, daily temperatures usually go well above 30 degrees Celsius and in some cases go as high as 40. However, unlike the dry heat, you’d be familiar with in somewhere like Australia, Thailand’s tropical heat is characterised by a moist atmosphere due to the high level of humidity. It’s still going to be a beautiful time of year to visit, but you’re going to want to make sure that you pack light clothing with fabrics that aren’t going to get sticky if you sweat!


As you’d expect, this time of year is where you’re going to find the wettest. Lasting from June through until the end of October, temperatures are typically somewhere in the mid-twenties (degrees Celsius) and there are regular outbursts of tropical rain and thundershowers. However, even though this is the ‘rainy’ season, most rain only comes during nighttime hours, so through the day, you’ll still have plenty of dry time to do activities.

When to Go to Thailand

While the weather will give you one indicator on the best time for you to travel to Thailand, you might also like to consider the seasons of tourism – that is, the high and low periods for visitors to the country. You’ll find that during the lower seasons you’ll have the opportunity to get some amazing deals on flights and accommodation, but during the higher seasons, you’ll be competing with more travelers for the optimum weather conditions. But, it’s important to remember, whether you’re going during the low season or the high, you’re going to have an incredible time during your Thailand holidays.

The higher season is typically towards the end of the year from November through until February. Due to the climate being most comfortable for foreigners, combined with the opportunity to take time off work and school at this time of year, there is a great deal of tourism in Thailand during this period. The cooler (but still tropically warm) temperatures and lower rain mean that there is the greatest opportunity to get the most out of what Thailand has to offer.

The low season, through the months of April to October, are when you’ll have the greatest chance of seeing rain. However, because of this lessened popularity, you’ll also be able to get the most value out of your Thailand holiday. Resorts in Phuket and Krabi in particular run deals in which you can sometimes get 2 for 1 accommodation! Don’t let the title of the rainy season put you off either. It usually doesn’t rain for days on end, and you’ll typically only ever see a morning or evening thunderstorm. It’s generally always warm and humid during this part of the year so you’ll still be able to enjoy the relaxing allure of your resort’s swimming pool at a fraction of the price you’d pay during the high season.

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