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Top 12 Travel Hacks For a Better Holiday

These days there’s a lot to consider before heading on an overseas holiday. Luckily for you, we’ve organised 12 of the most useful travel hacks to help you save money and avoid troublesome situations.

1. Don’t buy water at the airport

Number one – don’t buy water at the airport. This is a common mistake for most people. Instead, bring along an empty water bottle you can take through security before filling it up at a water fountain or café once inside. Genius, and you save at least AUD$4.

2. Roll your clothes to fit more in your suitcase

Tried and tested – roll your clothes into little tube shapes and you will fit more in your suitcase, stop your clothes from creasing and things are much easier to find.

3. Email yourself a scan of your passport

Sometimes travelling comes with risks, and sometimes we, unfortunately, lose the most important thing we need during a holiday.

By emailing yourself a scan of your passport, you’ve got a backup passport that can help you in any sticky situation. A simple yet very effective hack everyone should know.

4. Buy a portable phone charger

Nowadays, portable chargers are super affordable and worth every dollar. There’s nothing worse than missing out on photo opportunities on day trips because your phone has gone flat, especially out to the Islands where electricity maybe scarce.

5. Pack your rolled-up socks inside your shoes

Packing rolled up socks inside your shoes will help to retain the shape of your shoes, and you will save on space.

No matter how many times your bag might have been handled – your shoes will still arrive in good condition.

6. Download movies on your Netflix mobile app

An excellent hack is downloading movies and TV shows on your phone through the Netflix app. This way you can watch a movie anywhere, anytime without needing a connection to Wifi.

7. Pack tissues and wet wipes

In case of unexpected sickness or a lack of toilet paper, tissues on hand is always a good idea. Wet wipes are also a must to wipe down untrustworthy surfaces like tables, chairs, ATMs etc.

8. Carry change

Some countries require payment to use bathrooms. So don’t get caught out – make sure to always have a few dollars on hand in case of emergencies.

9. Buy a universal adaptor

Universal adaptors might be one of the smartest inventions yet – especially if you are a keen traveller. These chargers have retractable plugs, so no matter which country you are in, you have a power plug on hand.

10. Use Google Translate

If you’re heading to a non-English speaking country, Google Translate will be your best friend. The translation service by Google can translate text and websites from one language to another. Download common languages onto your phone so you can translate without the internet.

11. Avoid Jet lag

Exercising the day before your flight is a great way to beat jet lag. You can also download the Timeshifter app to tell you the optimum ways you beat the jet lag blues.

12. Use a colourful suitcase or suitcase identifier

Whatever you do, don’t choose black. Find a unique pattern, colour or add a ribbon to your suitcase so it is easily identifiable. You’ll thank yourself when your bag is easy to find, and you can head straight to your destination without any hassles.

Enjoy Your Holiday!

If you have any questions or you’re after some more travel hacks for your upcoming holiday.

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