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5 things to do in Phuket with teenagers

5 things to do in Phuket with teenagers


It can be hard to impress teenagers. Sometimes, even a family holiday isn't enough to make them look up from their phones. But if this is the case, then you aren't taking your kids to the right places! If you really want to please even the moodiest of teens, you have to think a little outside the box, or rather, the map.

Look no further - Phuket, Thailand has everything your kids need to not only distract them from their phones for a minute, but also put parents in the good books for months to come. Thailand is more than just gorgeous beaches and delicious food and here are five exciting, teen-approved activities for proof!

1. Quad biking around Phuket ATV Park

Cover more of Phuket's stunning terrain in exhilarating fashion - quad biking! There are heaps of unique tracks that will take you around Thailand, but we suggest you try Phuket ATV Park as you'll get to experience everything from untamed rainforests, mangrove forests and plantations to the local villages and farms. It's the perfect way to learn a little more about the culture and environment in Thailand!

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2. Scuba diving around Phuket

The beauty of Phuket isn't all on land, in fact, a lot of it is under the water! Scuba diving is a good activity for teens as the typical minimum age to partake is 12 years old. There are tonnes of good dive sites in the area suited for all skill levels. If your family is just starting out, we suggest Palong Bay or Staghorn Reef. These sites both have manageable waters with gorgeous reefs where you can find exotic marine life like cuttlefish, manta rays or octopus.

Intermediate or advanced families can head to Koh Bida Nok, Koh Bida Nai or Hin Bida where you'll be greeted by stunning rockfaces above and below the waves as well as colourful coral and underwater caves to explore. Divers have been known to see marine life like tuna, moray eels and black tip reef sharks.

If you want to make scuba diving the highlight of your trip, the best dive season is between November and April.

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3. Wakeboarding in Anthem Wake Park

Get straight to the fun when you visit Anthem Wake Park. It features a clockwise cable wakeboarding park on a freshwater lake with a gorgeous mountain backdrop. The lake is fitted with six pylon towers, with eight carriers running along a 12 metre-high and 650 metre-long cable track. If you need a break from the adrenaline, head into the clubhouse for some complimentary Wi-Fi, a bite to eat from the kitchen (serving both Thai and Western favourites) or just to enjoy the panoramic view of the lake.

The wake park is open all year, but it's an ideal outing for a hot day during the dry season (usually between December and March).

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4. Sea kayaking in Phang Nga Bay

When you break out the sea kayaks and paddle around the bay you'll see some of that childish curiosity come out to play again. Phuket is surrounded by limestone karsts, caves and tunnels that you can peruse until you find a secret lagoon. Depending on how much energy the family has in the tank, many of the tours around Phang Nga Bay offer an option to either self paddle or join a local guide.

For relaxing, sunny trips, it's recommended that you visit Phuket and embark on a sea kayaking tour anywhere from December to March.

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5. White water rafting in Phang Nga

There are a couple of rapid levels which vary depending on the company you're with, but range from a light paddle with some bumps here and there to a full on, wave crashing adventure (we recommend sticking the kids on the latter if they've been misbehaving). The best part about this activity is the fact that it's not only fun, but eco-friendly as well! This action packed tour will whisk you past the mountains and through the rainforests, scenery that you won't be able to be captured for an Instagram without a waterproof camera, but will surely never be forgotten.

White water rafting is fun all year round, however, you'll get the craziest conditions if you visit Thailand during its rainy season (lasting from July to October).

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