Endless sunshine year-round doesn't just exist in your dreams - you can find it in Vanuatu. Lying fairly close to the Equator, temperatures remain more or less the same throughout the year, with variations in the weather reflecting wet and dry periods rather than defined seasons. On top of the weather, the timing of high and low season can influence when you choose to go to Vanuatu.

To help you decide when to pencil in your trip to Vanuatu, here are some key tips for choosing when to go.

Wet season

The rainy season hits Vanuatu between November and March, with March usually getting the wettest weather.

This time of year can see heavy rains at any time and often two or three cyclones as well. But don't let this put you off - even though it may rain frequently, the showers are usually brief, so they don't get in the way of any activities or tours you may wish to do.

Despite being the wet season, this is Vanuatu's summer, so temperatures soar and humidity is high. Port Vila is roughly the same latitude as Cairns, so you can expect similar temperatures to the tropical Queensland city, with the mercury getting up to 34 degrees Celsius.

If you don't mind a bit of rain or steamy heat, there are several benefits to visiting Vanuatu during the wet season. The earlier months of the year are quieter for tourism, so this is when you can usually get great deals. There is plenty of accommodation and transport available, often at cheaper prices than in the popular dry season.

Dry season

The cooler season in Vanuatu is also the drier one. Between May and October, days are typically warm and unmarred by rain. Temperatures hover around the mid-20s, so you can enjoy the sunshine without sweltering heat.

You can still experience the occasional afternoon shower in dry season in Vanuatu, but chances are you'll already be wet from swimming in the sea, so it won't stop you from having a good time!

This is high season for Vanuatu's tourism, with pleasant weather and Naghol land diving in full swing (or fall), so you may notice slightly higher prices or busier tourist areas.

The best time to go to Vanuatu

We recommend visiting Vanuatu between May and October to make the most of sunny days that aren't uncomfortably hot. You can enjoy wearing summery clothing (which is conveniently light and easy to pack) while escaping the winter blues in Australia.

Solo travellers or couples may wish to avoid school holiday dates, as these tend to be the busiest and most expensive times of the year. For families though, this is a great time as there are plenty of people to meet and a lively atmosphere to enjoy. 

No matter the time of year, sea temperatures are always 22-28 degrees. This means you can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, sunbathing and all of the other activities Vanuatu has to offer all year-round.

In our opinion, the best time to visit Vanuatu is whenever you want a relaxing getaway!

To have the time of your life in Vanuatu, let the experts help you plan your holiday. Get in touch with us and we will make putting together your trip to Vanuatu smoother than the Pacific Ocean on a sunny day in dry season!

Got the info you need? Ready to relax in Vanuatu?