Regardless of what time you’re planning on visiting Fiji, there shouldn’t be too much variation in what you need to pack. With its tropical climate, you’re going to be experiencing warmth and sunshine, so in terms of clothing, the lighter the better! But on top of the usual clothing staples, there are a few other things which you may find handy. So we’ve developed a list of some things which you may have forgotten or not thought about. You can use this guide as a checklist, so that when it comes time to pack for your Fijian holiday in paradise, you’re guaranteed to have everything with you that you need!


  1. Clothing – Regardless of when you’re going to Fiji, the weather is bound to be warm, so you’ll want to pack clothing items that are light and breathable. That means shirts with short sleeves, shorts, skirts, sun-dresses, and materials that aren’t going to stick to you if it gets a little humid. And of course, it should go without saying, but you’re on holiday in Fiji, so pack for comfort and relaxation. If you’re going through the dryer months (July – September), you may also find that once the sun goes down, a cool Fijian breeze could tickle up some goosebumps. So pack a light jacket too, just in case! It’s also important to note on this, that if you plan on spending time in Fiji’s villages, and even some of the townships, you should be prepared to wear modest clothing and keep the brief items for the beach or the resort.
  2. Swimwear – Even if you don’t plan on spending any time in the ocean while you’re in Fiji, the swimming pools in the resorts are something you won’t want to miss. With so many incredible pools to choose from, you could easily spend the entire holiday within your resort just floating around or sitting by them – so you’d better have a couple of different swimwear items handy.
  3. Footwear – Like with your clothing, the footwear you bring to Fiji should be comfortable and appropriate for warmer weather – most people get around in open-toed shoes like sandals and thongs. If you’re planning on doing some walking while on holiday, or playing a game of tennis or golf, then make sure to pack a pair of sneakers. Not everywhere in Fiji has perfectly paved roads, so it’s better to have a sturdy pair on your feet. Reef-walkers are also a great option for protecting your feet whilst exploring the exposed coral reefs during low tide.
  4. Headwear – If you don’t want to be constantly rubbing sunscreen into your scalp, make sure you pack a hat! Even better, pack a hat which has a wide brim on it so that your face, ears and back of your neck are protected from the sun. Even though Fiji is a paradise, the UV rays can still do some damage, so bringing a hat (and even one spare) is imperative.
  5. Sunscreen – Similar to the need for a hat, the sun in Fiji can be quite unforgiving and regularly applying sun lotion is the only way to keep your skin healthy. We’d recommend a lotion with a high SPF, particularly if you’re planning on spending time on the water.
  6. Insect Repellant – Being a tropical location, Fiji can have its fair share of mosquitoes. So to keep those pesky mozzies away, make sure you bring a couple of different insect repellants – especially if you’re going to be spending some time in the more remote jungle parts of the country. Dengue fever is still present in some areas, and it’s carried by mosquitoes, so always be covering yourself in bug spray!
  7. First Aid Kit – This doesn’t have to be anything too fancy as the hotel or resort you’re staying in should be fully equipped with their own medical supplies. But it’s handy to have some band-aids and anti-biotic creams on you for any little cuts or scratches. This is particularly the case when spending time amongst the coral reefs. Even though their stunning to look at, they have the potential to do some damage to unprotected skin!
  8. Camera – What kind of holiday would it be if you didn’t have a camera to document the memories? High quality digital cameras are relatively affordable these days, but your smartphone is also probably good enough to do just as good a job. If you can though, try and get your hands on an underwater camera – you’ll definitely be wanting to get some shots of the corals and sea life while snorkeling.
  9. Power Adapters – Fiji’s electrical output is similar to what you’d find in Australia and New Zealand – 240 volts AC 50Hz with three-pin power points. So you don’t need to buy any new attachments, however, there’s nothing worse than going overseas and not being able to charge your electrical items like mobile phones, iPods, cameras and laptops.
  10. Sunglasses – Whether you’re spending time out on the water, sitting by the pool, or hitting some golf balls, protecting your eyes from the sun is so important! Make sure you’ve got yourself some lenses that block UV rays.
  11. Supplies & Gifts – This one only applies if you’re visiting any local schools or villages. You don’t have to pack a suitcase full of pencils, but with the schools being relatively undeveloped, any sort of donation is going to be greatly appreciated. Anything from toothbrushes, clothes, and crayons through to chalk and stickers for the teachers – even something fun like a tennis ball - is bound to put a smile on their faces. Just make sure not to bring them any junk food or sweets!


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