Got a wedding coming up? Congratulations! If you've yet to plan your honeymoon location, check out Bali for one of the most beautiful and sought-after experiences you'll have. In fact, it's so pretty there you may even forget about all those post-wedding duties waiting for you upon your return home.

Dubbed "The Island of the Gods", Bali is known around the world for being truly spectacular. What's more, it's practically in our own backyard. It's no wonder we Aussies flock there in droves each year. It's not only become an extremely popular honeymoon spot for couples, but it's also becoming a hit for lovebirds to hold destination weddings.

If you're one of those outdoorsy couples, you'll be spoilt for choice by the luscious rice fields, majestic mountains and ancient temples dotted around this country. Surfers will be in heaven, along with anyone interested in donning a wetsuit and flippers for a closer look at the aquatic environment.

If you've managed to drag the kids along to help celebrate your big event, whether it's wedding anniversary or a very special birthday, never fear - the Balinese love kids, and will happily interact with them while you're taking a breather from their incessant questions.

Dine out in one of Bali's delicious restaurants, packed with fresh produce and seafood at incredibly low prices, or head to Gianyar's nightmarket for some of Bali's best food. Groups will be happy here, with low prices, high spirits, a buzzing atmosphere and generous portions designed to be shared by all.

If a romantic engagement is on the cards, why not do it with a beautiful backdrop? Drop down on one knee under the ancient Gunung Kawi, where ten shrines stand proud at the bottom of a lush valley. Alternatively, the Goa Gajah cave could be the perfect spot for the big question, where you'll see history laid out in front of you.

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