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Guide to Bangkok

In years gone by, Bangkok has held a reputation for being a central hub to the mysteries of South East Asia – a relatively undeveloped and untouched city home to all sorts of wonderful and exciting adventures during Thailand holidays. The good news is that it is still all of those things, but it’s developed to become a highly modern city with all of the amenities and luxuries that you’d expect to find in any contemporary capital.

What to Expect

Stepping off the plane at Bangkok International Airport, the first thing you’ll notice is the humidity. Depending on what time of year you’re planning on going, it’s either going to be really sticky in the air and hot, or a relatively pleasant warmth that has a relaxing effect.

The next thing that will strike you is the traffic and road systems in this city. It’s recommended that when you first arrive you take a taxi to your hotel, or an airport transfer if one has been organised. This is so that you get a feel for what it’s like being amongst this city. To say the traffic is chaotic in comparison to what you’d find in places like Australia is an understatement. Motorbikes, cars, trucks, bicycles, vans, tuk-tuks and all sorts of different vessels carrying loads of varying nature fight for a place on the road. Just watching the traffic is an amazing experience in itself.

Once you’ve had your first taste of what the city streets have to offer, you’ll want to do some exploring by foot. Walking around any part of this city is guaranteed to bring you an experience you won’t find anywhere else. Food, shopping, sounds, sights – everything in Bangkok is a stimulation to your senses! So be prepared to have your eyes wide open.

Bangkok Tuk Tuks