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Thailand Health Fact Sheet

Thailand, like a lot of other popular tropical tourist destinations, has a decent level of healthcare, and there is a relatively low chance of contracting any serious illness simply by having a holiday there. However, also like a lot of other popular tropical tourist destinations, there are some things which you should be aware of to guarantee that you leave just as healthy as when you arrived.


Unless you’re coming from somewhere which is a designated contaminated area, the Thai government doesn’t require entrants to be vaccinated or provide vaccination certificates. However, it is advised that before your trip you make an appointment with your doctor and inquire about what vaccinations you might like to consider. There are some border regions of Thailand in which Malaria is quite active. It’s also a good idea to always be up to date with vaccinations for things like Tetanus.

Medical Services

Most of the major cities have world standard health-care facilities, particularly in the country’s capital, Bangkok. There is a very high standard of care provided in all of Thailand’s private health hospitals and clinics, so if you find yourself unwell or injured, don’t be afraid to seek help. It would also be a good idea to make sure your travel insurance is squared away so that if in the case of an emergency, you do need to visit a doctor or hospital, you’re covered for any care. Along with hospitals, a lot of the hotels in Thailand also have doctors on 24-hour in case of guest emergencies.