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What To Pack For Vietnam

The weather experts say that Vietnam’s temperatures range from 22 degrees to about 27 degrees seasonally. But that’s the national average.  In the north it has been known to snow – yes snow – while in the southern, warmer, parts of the country, holidaymakers have been sunning themselves in 32 degrees on the beach.

So, when planning what to pack for your visit you should check out the Vietnam weather predictions before you go.  Vietnam is a country of four seasons (including monsoon).

You should think about dressing in layers. You will even need a jacket to protect against the cooler evenings when the temperatures can tumble unexpectedly.

It is essential to pack a rain jacket. Umbrellas can be too bulky in the suitcase. It’s best to get a lightweight rain jacket because it will not only protect you from the wind and rain, but you can pop it on to protect against the sun. These jackets weigh practically nothing and easily fold (or roll) into your travel bags.

You will need the essential tropical travel items – swimmers, goggles, sunglasses, thongs and sunscreen. We know you will bring shorts and t-shirts, but you should also pack some smart casual clothes because some of the “better” restaurants require you to dress up for the occasion.

You will need insect repellent and some form of basic first aid items like Band-Aids and antiseptic creams.

If you are heading to Vietnam you should contact your doctor to check if you need any vaccinations.

 It is a good idea to ensure you are up to date with all the common childhood vaccinations before visiting Vietnam (you may even need a booster). This includes immunisations for Tetanus and DiphtheriaWhooping cough (Pertussis), Hepatitis Bpoliomeasles, mumps and rubella (MMR).

Hepatitis A (also called Hep A or HAV) is typically transmitted through contaminated food or very close personal contact with an infected person. Water-borne outbreaks can happen in under-developed or developing countries. The full two-dose Hep A vaccine is strongly recommended when visiting under-developed or developing countries and other precautions for hygiene and food safety should be taken.

Hepatitis B can be a risk if you are planning a tattoo or get a medical procedure overseas.

It’s becoming rare for holidaymakers to travel with a quality, purpose-built digital camera. But whether you’re using a film or digital camera, or a smart phone crammed with filters and other editing tools, Vietnam is a photographer’s dream. With a little pre-holiday research and practice, you can maximise the quality of your smart phone holiday snaps. Also consider an underwater camera, or underwater housing for your phone.

You DO NOT want to wind up at your Vietnam resort without chargers for your devices. So, before you leave for the airport, walk around your house and gather up every last smart phone, tablet and laptop charger you can find. You will need an adapter though. Most outlets in Vietnam take type A (two flat vertical pins side by side), type C and type F (two round pins side by side).