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Care Fiji Commitment

22 December

Introducing the “Care Fiji Commitment”

Since the declaration of COVID-19 as a global pandemic, Fiji has made health and safety its priority. Due to the country’s quick and effective to COVI 0-19, Fiji was able to contain the virus at an early stage, and its effective containment measures meant it was able to officially declare itself COVID-19 contained on 5 June 2020.


The Care Fiji Commitment was developed by the Tourism Recovery Team to reassure travellers that Fiji is a safe and secure destination to visit for their next holiday. The Care Fiji Commitment is essentially our commitment to the health and safety of travellers to Fiji, and their commitment to us to travel responsibly in Fiji.


To succeed the Care Fiji Commitment requires everyone’s participation and support. It’s been designed to provide each business with the information, training and resources they need to operate within the Government’s COVID-19 Safe Guidelines and through it keep our visitors and Fijians safe.

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Information Disclaimer

The information on this page has been uploaded to the best of Hoot Holidays’ ability. At no time should you rely soley on this information as it could be outdated or superseded. Please refer to CareFiji Website for the most up to date information.