How to achieve the ultimate spa day in Vanuatu

Vacations are all about getting away from the stresses of everyday life and partaking in a little R and R. But adventurous spirits know that holidays can turn into a bit of a run around when you're trying to fit in all the exploring that comes with visiting...

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What to pack for a trip to Vanuatu

Going on holiday to Vanuatu? Cool! That is, until someone asks that fateful question, "What are you going to pack?"

Packing in general is never exactly the fun part of your trip - selecting appropriate outfits for a place you've never been before can be c...

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The best surfing spots in Vanuatu

Many travellers go on vacation to remote tropical islands in hopes of becoming a master of the waves by the time they return home. Some are already professional surfers looking for unfamiliar waters to conquer. Others are hoping at the very least to learn h...

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How to enjoy the Summit Garden of Vanuatu

It's one of the most underrated gardens in the world, but Vanuatu's Summit Gardens come together to make a real breathtaking experience that will be memorable for the whole family. Before you even reach the garden, you'll feel your lungs opening up as they ...

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Where to take the best family portraits in Vanuatu

Family vacations are the perfect time for everyone to relax and escape the stress of the daily grind plus bond over new experiences. Exploring a new country together is a great time to make unforgettable memories, memories that you can capture on camera. Tr...

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Explore the amazing marine life of Vanuatu

The hot climate of the South Pacific is ideal for those vacationers who enjoy the sandy escapades of beach life. Seafood, sand castles and seashell hunts are all part of the perfect package, but what better completes it than an exploration to see some amazi...

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Dare a trip to the active volcano: Mount Yasur

Is your family into adventure? How about hiking up an active volcano and staring into bubbling lava kind of adventure? A trek to see a live volcano is not everyone's idea of good, clean fun, however you have to admit, it's truly a one-of-a-kind experience t...

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What to do with 24 hours in Port Vila

Time - there's simply never enough of it. It disappears in a flash when you hit the snooze button in the morning, but it's amazing how 24 hours in a great city such as Port Vila can disappear even more quickly.

If you've only got a small amount of time to ...

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