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3 tips to make your Disneyland experience a great one

3 tips to make your Disneyland experience a great one

A visit to Anaheim wouldn't be complete without a day (or more) in Disneyland Park, one of the happiest places on Earth.

As the original theme park that started it all in 1955, Disneyland has something for everyone to enjoy, whether it's the spooky Snow White's Scary Adventures ride or the classic It's A Small World attraction.

However, this magical kingdom can turn into a nightmare for parents who haven't thought ahead and planned their trip carefully! With such an extensive area to explore, you'll definitely want to take some time beforehand to plot your visit and make sure you see everything on the kids' lists.

If you're a Disneyland newbie, here are a few tips to ensure the trip is fun for the whole family.

Plan ahead

The most important tip to remember is that a little planning ahead of time can ensure you make the most of your experience at Disneyland.

You can access the park map before you visit and plot your course, making sure you take in all the top attractions your kids want to see. This will ensure you won't miss anything crucial out of your day, and you can also find out where essentials such as bathrooms, ATMs and food places are to save valuable time on the day.

Give yourself a break

All that fun and excitement can be pretty tiring, especially if you go during summer when the lines are long and the weather's scorchingly hot.

Make sure to schedule plenty of rest stops and breaks as you make your way through the park, and always have a bottle or two of water on hand to hydrate your family. Alternatively, you can rent a locker to save you from carrying a huge load around.

When to visit?

As most people will tell you, the worst thing about Disneyland is waiting in the lines for popular rides.  Typically, crowd numbers are lowest during mid-January through to mid-March, mid-April through to mid-May and mid-September through to mid-November so these are good times to visit.

To save yourself some time, consider using the FASTPASS service which allows you to secure your spot in the line for a ride. As long as you come back at the allotted time, you'll be able to enjoy the rest of the park without having to wait for hours for one attraction.