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Bula Fiji

Bula Fiji,

We cannot wait until we can visit again. I remember the first time we arrived in Fiji we were seeking sun-soaked days at an idyllic beach resort to reboot and recharge but, what we got was so much more. It was the immediate embrace of the Bula Spirit, an unreserved invitation to enjoy your hospitality that was such a welcome surprise. It is the amazing spirit of your people that now calls us back time and time again.

 It is difficult to describe the emotion simply, a wonderful feeling to be greeted with so much happiness from the moment you arrive. As we step from our airport transfer the resort staff welcome us in joyous song. A chorus of big warm smiles, loud clapping and lively ukuleles as Bula Maley is sung. It is these magical moments we can't wait to enjoy again.

It is times like now that I miss saying “Bula” more times than I can count. It is this welcome greeting that makes my smile grow a little bigger and my fondness for Fiji and its people a little deeper. It puts me at ease, I am relaxed and enjoying myself, it is how all holidays should be.

You offer so much choice to fill our days with an abundance of activities and adventure but, there is no stress that time will race us by, as a good time is the only time we keep. The magic lies in island time, a love of life and simply enjoying the moment. It has helped me work from home and keep a little sanity. I dream of sunny days and the salty sea breeze blowing against my face as we jet across the sea by ferry, headed for a palm tree-covered island and to be welcomed in song and smiling faces.

We love that our children are excited to go to the kids club every day. Each morning of our they race to the club door and wrap their arms around your staff who welcome them with mutual joy and happiness. We feel grateful and content that our kids are safe and having fun. If only they felt the same excitement about homeschooling.

We miss the holiday experience so much more, especially now that we are locked indoors and the lack of adult-only time is apparent. I have a thirst for a Fiji beer or a cocktail at the pool bar, a spa treatment, a snorkelling trip without the kids or a quiet dinner. Oh, how we miss the Fiji experience.

And, even when it comes time to leave the gorgeous staff shower us in song. They sing to us Isa Lei, a soulful farewell song that always brings a tear to my eyes. But, what makes this so special is that it is never goodbye but joyful anticipation for our return. And rest assured when the travel ban has lifted and airlines hit the skies, we will be back again to see you.

Fiji, thank you for sharing the Bula Spirit, genuine kindness and affection.

For now, it’s not good-bye but see you soon! Sota Tale

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