Sandboarding Fiji's Sigatoka Sand Dunes

When you think about it, sand dunes are pretty cool. Rippling waves of sand aren't exactly something you see every day. These sandy waves are formed when an area is lacking vegetation - the wind then blows the sand particles into a field of rolling waves, o...

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The best seafood creations in Fiji

If you enjoy travelling to destinations for their fresh seafood catches, then you have to make your way to Fiji for your next getaway! Here, fish often makes up the main course of the meal as there is an abundance of many tropical and flavourful varieties s...

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4 of the best kid-friendly beach drinks

One of the little pleasures of getting away and relaxing on the beach is served in frosty glass and comes with a mini umbrella, topped with a skewer of fruit. What is it? Tropical cocktails, of course! There's nothing quite like an icy treat to take the edg...

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Fiji and its incredible volcanoes


There's something magical about volcanoes. They are truly awesome structures, formed only by the sheer force of nature's slow, imperceptible (to us) movement of tectonic plates and the incredible force of magma working its way up from the earth's core. T...

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Diving Fiji's Malolo Barrier Reef


With crystal clear water and wildlife in abundance, it's no wonder that ranks Fiji as the most photogenic underwater destination in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Malolo Barrier Reef

There are dozens of great locations across Fiji's 300...

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