The scent of salt and coconut, the sensation of a gentle breeze on the skin and the sight of glistening water and swaying palms all within your reach - what a feast for the senses.

You and your loved one can experience it all when you head to Fiji - without the kids, of course! Sometimes a holiday is best enjoyed in total relaxation mode and the island paradise of Fiji offers plenty of ways for you to wind-down as a pair. After all, it doesn't get much more romantic than the sunny days, balmy nights and luxurious touch of these islands.

Head to a luxury resort, where you might find you're the only ones strolling the private beach at sunset. Why not pack a picnic of tropical fruits - and cocktails - and make a night of it?

Plunge into the temperate waters without having to think about supervising your little ones and enjoy indulging in your carefree and playful sides without them around!

There are options for all sorts of budgets, but treat yourself as much as you can afford, as it's not often you get the chance. It'll all be worth it when you lay your head down on those plush pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of the day, and are awoken to a sumptuous buffet of tasty breakfast foods.

If you're looking for an extra helping of seclusion, head somewhere like Likuliku or Royal Davui, known for its serenity and solitude, not to mention luxury treatment.

You'll leave Fiji feeling truly refreshed and reconnected - so why wait any longer? If you need help planning your ultimate escape, we'd be delighted to help.


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