About Fiji

The beauty of Fiji is that there's so much on offer for every type of holiday, from the most active to the extremely sedate. Of course, a great holiday isn't just about life in a bubble - hire a car and take your time to stop for fresh watermelon at a roadside stall, and return the friendly "Bula" offered by every local along the way.

Ideal for a romantic retreat, family fun or a short break away, you can be at your resort unpacked and enjoying a cocktail within two to three hours of landing at the airport.

The resorts vary from small and boutique to large and fun-filled that have so many activities, dining options huge pools and great entertainment you will never have to leave and would need a good two weeks to do it all.

Everything can be arranged for you through your resort, from horse riding on the beach, a round of golf, fishing trips, kava ceremonies, village and market shopping trips to one of the many islands and the ever so popular spa treatments fro those keen on something a little special.

Explore the area and sights such as the Sigatoka Sand Dunes, the Kula Eco Park, Sigatoka town and the local markets.

Whether you are looking for an entertaining and fun holiday with family, an experience with Fijian culture, a romantic getaway for two or a destination for that special wedding, Fiji has something for everyone.

And remember once you get there, you're on Fiji time, so keep smiling and saying 'Bula'

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Popular Regions

NADI is on the big island of Viti Levu, the gateway to Fiji, where you land and are met by staff from our Fiji office. Mostly used for overnight stays if your flight gets in late or leaves early.

THE CORAL COAST is approximately 1-2 hours drive from Nadi with a number of resorts ranging from standard to first class. Being on the main land you will get a chance to get out, sightsee and experience the Fijian culture first hand. Most popular are The Shangri-La Fijian Resort, Outrigger on the Reef, the Naviti & Warwick Resort.

DENARAU is only 20 minutes from Nadi International Airport and 8 minutes from Nadi Town, it is the home of 4 premier resorts, a world class golf course and tennis complex. Port Denarau Marina acts as a major departure point for transfers, cruises and a diverse range of activities. Choose from the Radisson Beach Resort, Sheraton Fiji, Westin Fiji, Sofitel & Hilton.

ISLAND RESORTS are numerous, but the majority are in the Mamanuca Group which is just off Nadi or Lautoka. Transfers are usually by launch although at an additional cost for seaplane or helicopter may be another transfer option. Popular holidays are at Plantation Island, Treasure Island, Castaway Island and Mana Island or ask us about all your other island holiday options.

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People & Customs

Fijian is a fusion of people and culture; a melting pot of Melanesians and Polynesians of people of the Indian sub-continent, the English and Europeans. English is the official language of Fiji; therefore just about everyone in Fiji speaks it. However, the traditional Fijian language still lives and is widely spoken in many different dialects.

Fijians have a reputation of being possibly the friendliest people on earth. By respecting their customs and traditions you will always be a welcome guest in their villages and homes. Local considerations for you to take into account are; Religion, Fijians are mainly Christian, Indians are Hindu, and there is a Muslim minority. Tipping is not generally encouraged in Fiji. Both men and women should be careful to respect local feelings and dress code should be respected when visiting villages or towns.

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Whether shopping in Fiji or just browsing the Fiji Markets, here's your opportunity to become acquainted with some of the savviest Fijians as well the best barterers around. In Fiji, you'll discover unique cultural and historical artifacts, stylish international boutique fashions as well as budget gift and souvenir shops. Most Fiji stores are open 8am to 5pm or 6pm, sometimes later at hotels and resorts. Most stores are closed on Sundays. All of the major credit cards are widely accepted.

Some popular Fiji items to bring home for friends, family and business associates to enjoy, include Fijian inspired designer T-shirts and 'bula' shirts, carved tanoa bowls, from which the national drink "Yaqona" (Kava) is mixed and served, Fijian replica war clubs, "cannibal forks" and Fijian combs. Handicraft like Fiji woven baskets and mats, masi (tapa cloth), animal wood carvings and pottery items are best sellers. And, for international fashion buffs, the ubiquitous Sulu for men and women is Fiji's all-purpose, one-size-fits-all garment. Women wear them 100 different ways from a beachside wrap to an evening dress while men in Fiji business and government wear them as a day skirt.

Beyond the Fiji hotels and resorts, in our Fiji island towns and cities, you'll find a wide assortment of shops frequented by locals. Fijian shops offering glittering displays of gold jewellery along with cottons and silks are popular among and often owned by our Indian compatriots.

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Top Things To Do

The Fiji Islands are tailor made for relaxed adventure. It boasts miles and miles of extreme pristine beauty and is a nature lover's delight. You don't need to be a sports fanatic to enjoy the adventure experiences that are available in Fiji. You can marvel the rush of jet boating, whitewater rafting, or travelling at a more sedate pace on bamboo rafts, hiking through rainforests, mountain biking, big game fishing and swimming with manta rays.

Fiji is uncrowded, with a population of less than a million and is a tropical haven for those seeking a playground with an appetite for adventure. Whatever your budget, you'll find world-class choices of excursions that support the local communities and environment and with opportunities to meet Fiji's people, all to suit your adventure thrill, be it sea, air or land.

Of course, most people know Fiji as the soft coral capital of the world and that's true! But soft corals are only a symbol of Fiji's complete story, the soft corals vibrant colours and giant size, the diversity of fish and invertebrates that live among their branches, the dramatic changes they undergo in an ancient rhythm of survival with the tides and currents, and the many types of underwater environments in which they thrive.

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General Health

Fiji is free from malaria, yellow fever and major tropical diseases that are endemic to most tropical countries however dengue fever can be found in some of the remote regions. Fiji has an effective medical system in place although local people still believe in the efficacy of age-old herbal remedies. Fresh water reticulated in Suva, Lautoka and the other major towns has been treated and is safe to drink from the tap. This also applies to hotels and resorts. Some resorts use artesian water for bathing, but provide drinking water separately. If this is the case, visitors will be advised. Discuss vaccinations and risks with your doctor before you go. Travel Insurance is highly recommended.

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When To Go

Fiji enjoys an ideal South Sea tropical climate. Maximum summer temperatures average 31° Celsius with the mean minimum 22° Celsius, winter average maximum is 29° Celsius and mean minimum 19° Celsius. The interior of the large islands is much cooler.

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What To Pack

Dress is always casual and comfortable. Fiji enjoys a tropical climate - especially noticeable in the hotter, humid summer months of November-March, so you will be able to travel light! That includes shirts with short sleeves, shorts, skirts, bathing suits, open-toed shoes, etc. Reef-walkers are great for protecting your feet if you are exploring exposed reefs at low tide. And don't forget a hat! Depending on where you are staying, you may like to bring some dressier, but lightweight clothes for the evening.

During the popular winter season which is high season in Fiji, it is less humid and some travellers can even feel a little cool in the evening, so a lightweight jacket or sweater is handy. To avoid embarrassing and offending the local Fijian people, visitors should dress modestly when in town, keeping brief clothing for the beaches and resorts. If in doubt about what is acceptable, ask your resort or hotel. This is especially important if you visit a local Fijian village.

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Family Favourites

When it comes to family fun, you can't look past Fiji. With plentiful entertainment for both adults and kids, this island destination is a veritable paradise for families - and then there's the view!

A sample of the activities on offer include snorkelling, swimming with turtles, kayaking, building sandcastles or exploring the local islands and markets, so there's always more than enough to keep those curious kids interested.

Slip on your swimmers, slop on some sunscreen and a hat and head out on a boat trip to beautiful reefs, corals and islands. The kids will love snorkelling and discovering the abundance of colourful sea life, paddling around with fish and playing in the sand - as will you!

No matter where you're staying there are always plenty of beaches, surrounding islands and lush jungle to explore, so a family walk or hike never goes astray. There will always be something - whether it is a type of different tree, insect or animal - to keep the most inquisitive of young ones intrigued.

Village markets are also a great place for you and the kids to find special trinkets at a low cost, and interact with smiling locals.

Your brood will also be enthralled by the local traditions and displays, whether watching a firewalking show or a cultural song and dance extravaganza.

Another advantage of this fun-filled destination is its child-minding services. Resorts and hotels in Fiji are famous for their hospitality and many will offer kids' clubs, where children can partake in fun, supervised activities in case you feel like some time out sipping on cocktails by the pool.

Or, you and your other half could relax with an indulgent spa treatment or decadent meal knowing the kids are in the safe hands of resort staff, splashing around in the pool, playing in the games room or learning to dance Fijian style!

There are endless options for families in this idyllic island nation - so why not discover it together?

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Baby Steps

Bula and welcome to family-friendly Fiji!

Leave any reservations you have about travelling with toddlers at the door. We're confident your whole clan will love holidaying on this magnificent island paradise, so there's no reason to leave anyone out. No matter how old your toddlers are, bring them along for the journey and let them share in the fun and frivolities of island life.

Fiji has the perfect blend of relaxed tropical vibes, more activities than you can poke a stick at and the friendliest locals you're likely to ever come across. There are plenty of resorts and holiday activities suited to both young and old, plus the Fijian locals are so friendly and welcoming toward children you'll immediately feel at ease.

The Shangri-La Fijian Resort and Spa is an amazing family destination, catering to children and adults with supervised activities for the kids and a lagoon area for plenty of on and off-water fun. Parents can sneak away to a secluded pool area or onsite gymnasium, or indulge in a Himalayan and Chinese fusion beauty treatment - simply find a babysitter and dash off for some much-needed adult time!

Who wants Fijian Fun for Kids and Total Bliss for Parents try MeiMei at the Outrigger on the Lagoon.Fiji, named for the Fijian phrase ‘to take care of’. An Outrigger Meimei or nanny gives your children one-on-one care plus the opportunity to enjoy a holiday with a genuine Fijian influence. Did we mention they also give parents time to indulge?

Daily activities include everything from playing in the Kids’ Club playground to learning Fijian arts and crafts, and fun language lessons. By the end of your holiday the kids will be able to teach you a thing or two about Fiji’s warmth and culture.

For an intimate family experience, you can't beat Castaway Island Resort with its private bures and reef. You'll feel like celebrities here, but no doubt the delightfully disgusting habits of your little ones will bring your crashing back down to reality soon enough. Not to worry - this resort has the added benefit of a complimentary child-minding service for children aged three years and older.

Relax along the stunning shores and take in the ocean waves as you push your baby's stroller along the beach. The fresh sea air and soothing sounds of the sea lapping at the sand will no doubt send your baby off for a nap and give you a bit of time to unwind - and perhaps fit in a cheeky cocktail!

Just make sure you come prepared with a little sunhat and lotion to keep your precious one cool and safe in the warm rays!

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Teen Time

Friendly Fiji is the perfect place for a relaxing trip away with your terrific (or terrible) teens. This South Pacific oasis is bound to impress even the most discerning holidaymaker with is lush surrounds - plus it's got plenty of activities for all the family to enjoy!

Whether you choose to explore Nadi, the Coral Coast, Denarau or all of the above, you'll find many unique experiences to enjoy together or apart - depending on how family-orientated you're feeling at the time. Many of the resorts on the islands cater to teens and kids and offer everything from huge pools, arcades and golf to swim-up bars and Fijian dancing.

Teens are usually at an age where they can be allowed a little bit of freedom, so send them off to the other end of the pool while you sip away at a fresh cocktail. Alternatively, relax beachside while they try their hand at a range of popular water activities such as snorkelling or paddle boarding. All you'll need to do is raise your head from your book occasionally to give them an encouraging thumbs up and they'll be away laughing.

The Fijian locals are incredibly friendly and inviting, so with any luck you may even find your older kids buddying up with others on the island. They can explore the stunning reefs while you laze by the pool with a magazine, or if you're feeling energetic you may want to treat your whole family to the thrill of jet skiing or white water rafting. You could even get the chance to swim with manta rays in Fiji's crystal clear waters, so make sure you've got your camera at the ready!

If your teens are determined to shop away their holiday, take them to the Fiji Markets to collect souvenirs and presents for friends back home. Here you'll find everything from carved bowls to replica war clubs, plus plenty of fresh produce and clothing items to make use of while you're on holiday.

You'll find the warm weather and relaxed style of island living encourages a slightly different dress code than what you may be used to, so stock up on beautiful Sulus! These are one-size-fits-all wraps for both men and women, and once you put one on you'll never want to take it off. Your teen might even come home with a whole collection!

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Grown Up Getaways

The scent of salt and coconut, the sensation of a gentle breeze on the skin and the sight of glistening water and swaying palms all within your reach - what a feast for the senses.

You and your loved one can experience it all when you head to Fiji - without the kids, of course! Sometimes a holiday is best enjoyed in total relaxation mode and the island paradise of Fiji offers plenty of ways for you to wind-down as a pair. After all, it doesn't get much more romantic than the sunny days, balmy nights and luxurious touch of these islands.

Head to a luxury resort, where you might find you're the only ones strolling the private beach at sunset. Why not pack a picnic of tropical fruits - and cocktails - and make a night of it?

Plunge into the temperate waters without having to think about supervising your little ones and enjoy indulging in your carefree and playful sides without them around!

There are options for all sorts of budgets, but treat yourself as much as you can afford, as it's not often you get the chance. It'll all be worth it when you lay your head down on those plush pillows and Egyptian cotton sheets at the end of the day, and are awoken to a sumptuous buffet of tasty breakfast foods.

If you're looking for an extra helping of seclusion, head somewhere like Likuliku or Royal Davui, known for its serenity and solitude, not to mention luxury treatment.

You'll leave Fiji feeling truly refreshed and reconnected - so why wait any longer? If you need help planning your ultimate escape, we'd be delighted to help.

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Got a wedding coming up? Channel your inner celeb and head to Fiji for an exotic destination event that will leave your guests in awe.

With glamazon Elle Macpherson marrying here in 2013, it's obvious the island getaway is a must-visit spot for special occasions and family holidays alike. Simply slip into your bikini and channel your inner supermodel - hey, if you don't look like one, at least you'll feel like it!

This paradise is made up of an incredible 330 islands, so there are plenty of private locations for your intimate do. Exclusive resorts make the perfect post-wedding accommodation, and there are plenty of hotels for your guests to stay at.

Tokoriki Island and Intercontinental Resort have magnificent chapels along with beachfront and rainforest locations, so you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to your nuptials. If you are looking for a smaller venue declare your love on the beaches of Castaway or Malolo Island. The best part is you can be as dressy or relaxed as you want - the Fijian locals are so laid back, no one will blink an eyelid if you wear just a sarong or go all-out in a princess gown!

If it's not a wedding but a family reunion you're celebrating, Fiji is the perfect choice. There's lots for the kids to do here, from making friends with the locals to running wild along the glorious beaches, leaving your hands free to attend to more pressing matters - such as where the next cocktail is coming from.

Drop the kids off at The Shangri-La Fijian Resorts', Little Chief's Club for supervised activities, and sneak away with the other adults for some quiet time by the pool, or perhaps a round of gold on the on-site golf course. Take your sisters or mum in for a spa treatment and let a gentle massage therapist hammer away all your stresses - that is, until it's time to pick the kids up!

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