It's no secret - Australians love Bali, and the Balinese love Australians. But did you know that this love even extends to your tiny terrors? That's right, the whole family - even your little monsters - are welcome in this tropical paradise, so take your tots on the trip of a lifetime.

The locals here absolutely adore kids and will treat your little ones like their own - perfect for those moments you wish they truly did belong to someone else! Hospitality workers will often provide your tots with games, colouring books and crayons to while away the time waiting in restaurants, as well as providing meal options for those with more delicate palates. This means you can all enjoy meals out on the town.

young kids in bali

Many Balinese resorts have inhouse kids' clubs, so check out their activities and options for looking after your kids while you're staying there. Sometimes all you want is a bit of downtime to yourself, and Bali is happy to oblige with childcare options and plenty of adult relaxation locations like spas and bars.

Your babies will love the picture-perfect beaches of Sanur, where you and your whole family can laze away the days in this incredibly laid-back beach location. You'll have blue skies year-long, and if you choose your times well you can even take in flickers of vibrant colour at the International Kite Festival. Babies will love watching them dance in the air for hours, giving you some much-needed time off!

For a relaxed day at the beach, launch your own kite into the turquoise sky and watch your kids' faces light up. If they're old enough (and coordinated enough!) they can even control the kite themselves, or simply chase it along the ground. You can buy kites from many vendors in Bali, so don't worry about packing your own - you'll have enough to worry about when it comes to packing for the kids!

Take a closer look at the beautiful wildlife of the area at Bali Safari and Marine Park. Whether your kids take this in via stroller or they're old enough to totter around on their own, they'll love the huge selection of exotic animals, the marine park and theatre with live stage performances.


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