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America is one big playground for the whole family - not just the kids! You'll likely find yourself rediscovering your youth, too, quite possibly while on a rollercoaster or princess themed ride in Disneyland!

This land of fun and fantasy is naturally the perfect location for a family holiday. You could fill days - or even weeks - in this magical theme park. Kids will love meeting and getting a photo with their Disney favourites like Pocahontas, Ariel and Cinderella or Snow White, or dining at a themed restaurant.

There are rides to cater for all ages, so even if your eight year old doesn't quite make the height restrictions for a rollercoaster, there will be many other enchanting rides for him or her to enjoy.


Universal Studios is another must-see for both film fans and theme park fanatics, with a host of rides and even back-lot studio tours, which take you to famous film sets. You might even stumble upon a new film being shot right in front of you!

How about exploring the rest of Los Angeles? Stroll the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the whole family can find the star of their favourite actors and musicians.

Check out the Chinese Theatre, take pictures with the Hollywood sign, look out for celebrities and maybe even take a trip to the ever-vibrant Venice Beach.


Then of course, there's New York. This is perfect for keeping the kids entertained with a variety of cultural pursuits. Museums are aplenty and both you and your young ones will enjoy looking at anything from jaw-dropping dinosaur skeletons to ancient Egyptian artefacts.

A night out on the town watching Broadway shows, eating hotdogs from street stalls and taking in the twinkling lights of Times Square also provides fun for all ages.

Don't forget San Fran, either. This colourful city provides great dining, shopping and learning - check out the California Academy of Sciences for some interactive enrichment! Or, take a boat to explore eerie island of Alkatraz - this will have the whole family captivated.


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