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Sitting like a jewel on the south of Thailand’s western coast, Krabi is a paradise seeker’s dream. With its limestone cliffs soaring high out of the ocean, dense mangrove covered expanses and over a hundred offshore islands, each with their own unique elements of beauty, there’s something about Krabi that makes it an unmissable location for your Thailand holiday.

Some of the more popular places in the region include the Phi Phi Islands and Railay Beach. But that certainly doesn’t mean that these are all you’ll find in Krabi. Spend some time in this magnificent region and you’ll find everything you could possibly want and more.

Getting there

A lot of people see Krabi as similar to how Phuket was 10 or so years ago – which means that it hasn’t got the extensively developed infrastructure that you might find in more modern regions of Thailand. So there aren’t as many easily accessible options for getting there. For most people, the simplest way of travelling to Krabi is catching a flight directly from Bangkok. This is a popular option because it also gives you the opportunity to spend some time in the exciting hub of activity that is Thailand’s capital.

Another way of getting there is to transfer by road from Phuket. This is approximately 2 hours by car or bus and even though it may not seem appealing to sit in the back of a car for the entire trip, it’s a great way of seeing this beautiful place from the ground. You’ll also find plenty of interesting sites to stop on the way either for photo opportunities or to taste some of the local delicacies.

Things to Do

There is an incredible number of different things to do in Krabi, with activities to suit all ages, capabilities and tastes. We’ve outlined some of the top things you can do here so that you don’t miss out!

Rock Climbing – Krabi is a known world-class rock climbing destination. The sheer limestone cliffs towering from turquoise ocean provide some of the most incredible climbing walls in the world. This may seem like something for the adrenalin junkies out there, but it’s also an amazing way to get some exercise and experience views from a perspective you’ll rarely find anywhere else.

Diving – With its crystal clear waters and the huge variety of marine life, Krabi rivals Ko Tao on Thailand’s east coast as the diving capital of the country. With dozens of renowned diving sites in the Andaman Sea, snorkelling or diving from the back of a boat is an awesome way to experience the real aquatic beauty here.

Boat Trips – Going on a boat charter is the best and in some cases the only, way to visit some of this region’s most beautiful and secluded beaches. There are a wide variety of options available, from full day tours, all the way to simply pickups and drop-offs, so no matter your budget and time, there’s a boat available for you.

Visit the Emerald Pool (Sramorakod) – Surrounded by dense greenery, and the most enticing turquoise colour, the only way to describe this natural mineral spring is magical.

Fossil Shell Beach (Susan Hoi) – This place is hauntingly beautiful, with its intricate littering of fossils estimated to be around 40 million years old. In a picturesque location next to the ocean, you’ll not find archaeology this beautiful anywhere else.

Exploration – There’s so much culture to be found around the local markets, shops and restaurants that just popping on a comfortable pair of shoes and walking around at your own pace is the perfect way to experience the area and Thailand shopping.

Day Tours – A lot of the usual day tours that you would consider taking if you were in Phuket are actually closer to Krabi. This means that you don’t have to be up at 6 am to start your tour when staying in Krabi, but you’ve still got access to all of the best tours!

Where to Stay

There are loads of different Thailand resort deals available to suit all tastes and budgets. Our personal recommendation is the Holiday Inn Resort located in Ao Nang – it’s just a short walk into the heart of the town and caters to all types of holidaymakers. If you’re wanting something a little further away from the town centre, we’d also recommend the Centara Grand Beach Resort. This one is set on its own private beach area and is only accessible by 10-minute boat ride – however, the boat runs on an hourly basis so you can visit the town whenever you like through the day.

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