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From the moment you set foot on this island haven you’ll get the immediate feeling of a tropical paradise. There’s no escaping Koh Samui’s laid-back atmosphere. The warmth of the locals combined with the immaculate surroundings are enough to lull you into a state of relaxation you’ll never want to come out of.

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui is Thailand’s third largest island and a jewel in the archipelago surrounding it, with azure blue waters and white sandy beaches hugging each of the beautiful islands around. With its small airport not being the same large-scale facility, you’d be used to in say Bangkok, landing in Koh Samui will make you feel like you’re in an entirely different country.

Things to Do in Koh Samui

Koh Samui is an amazing place for those who are looking to escape from the ‘rat race’ of everyday life. Which means that the primary objective when in this place should be to do as much relaxing as possible. However, there are still a number of different things you can do in this incredible place.

With quite a few different areas in Koh Samui, one of the first things you’ll notice is the variety in busy areas and quiet areas. If you head to the area known as Chaweng, you’ll find quite a high density of different bars and restaurants. We’d recommend just taking your time around this area and sampling a few of the different establishments. Try some of the different foods, drink some cold beverages and let the vibes of the different places draw you in.

If you’re after something a little more laid back then you’ll want to make your way over to Bophut. This place is a little more relaxed than Chaweng, but there’s still a nice variety of things to see and do. Locally it’s known as Fisherman’s Village, but it’s home to a very decent range of local markets, restaurants and bars.

So pop on your exploration hat and be ready to take a slow stroll around this colourful spot, taking in the scents, sights and sounds as you go.

Another must visit in Koh Samui is Thong Tanote Beach. This place has far less in the way of established businesses than the other two – buildings are no larger than the palm trees around them and businesses are more like small family run operations. But with its oceanside location and atmosphere of blissful relaxation, this is somewhere you’ll get the complete ‘Koh Samui Chilled Out’ experience.

Where to Stay

Even though it’s a small place, there’s still quite a good variety of different Thailand resort deals you can choose from in Koh Samui. From places designed for the intimacy of a romantic getaway to larger more family-friendly spots, there’s bound to be accommodation to suit you during your Thailand holiday.

If the more chilled out zen-style holiday sounds like something that’s your speed then we’d recommend you stay at the Bandara Resort & Spa, which is just a short walk from the Fisherman’s Village of Bophut. This hotel will give you the ultimate experience in relaxation with its setting amongst palms and views across the pristine ocean, getting a massage in the late afternoon is something you’re going to want every single day of your life.

If you want to take things to that next level of chilled out, then you’re going to want to stay at Centara Coconut near Thong Tanote Beach. Sitting right on the beach with an outdoor swimming pool looking across turquoise waters and a swim-in bar serving some of the tastiest cocktails you’ll find in Thailand, this hotel is where you’ll find the rest and relaxation you’ve been looking for.

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