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Whether you’re looking to celebrate in a big way with the whole family or experience something a little more intimate like a bespoke wedding, Thailand is a tropical destination that’s going to deliver. If you’re bringing the whole extended family for a reunion there are numerous locations and accommodation options to make the get together amazing for all. And if you’re coming to Thailand for more romantic reasons, like a Thailand wedding or anniversary, there are just as many smaller and private places to stay. On top of the huge variety in accommodation, you’re also going to find a plethora of different types and sizes of beaches, activities and festivals to get those celebratory juices flowing!

Weddings & Romantic Celebrations

Where better to celebrate the love between you and your significant other than in one of the world’s true natural paradises? With so many locations and options for accommodation tuned perfectly to romance, you’re going to be spoiled for choice in Thailand.

If you’re looking for a faster paced, city lights place to celebrate your love, then you’ll love a candlelit dinner atop one of Bangkok’s spectacular rooftop restaurants. The country’s capital is also home to numerous high-end hotels and resorts where you and that special someone can spend some time pampering yourselves.

When it comes to weddings, two of the most popular places for nuptials in Thailand is Koh Samui and Phuket. With amazing Thailand wedding packages at resorts like the Phuket Marriott, Merlin Beach, and JW Marriott, you’ll easily be able to organise a destination wedding of your dreams. No matter where you decide to have your wedding in Thailand, you’re also going to find there’s a great variety of different added services to make things that much more special. High-quality wedding photographers, videographers, hair and make-up stylists, and many, many other services are all available. And if planning your own wedding in Thailand sounds like it’s going to be too much work, our wedding specialists are always ready to organise the perfect day to remember for you!

Family Celebrations

It’s ingrained in Thai culture to hold family as one of the most important aspects to life. So even if you aren’t a fan of every single member of your extended family, the Thai people will be and everyone will be welcomed with warm and open arms.

When it comes to going on a Thailand holiday with a large group, for instance on a family reunion, you’re going to find that it’s going to be easiest to go somewhere that’s laid back, has a decent number of activities, and isn’t too crazy for people of all ages. So we’d recommend Phuket and Koh Samui as two of the more popular family-oriented destinations in Thailand. They’ve both got a wide range of resorts with facilities that cater to both the younger generations full of energy, as well as the older members of the family who want to experience their holiday at a slower pace. With the resorts in these areas also offer a huge number of activities either within or close to their grounds, there are plenty of opportunities to take a break or two from everyone’s company.

Another great aspect of family celebrations in Thailand is that you can plan for them to coincide with local festivals, and get the full ‘celebration’ experience. With loads of public holidays, traditional festivals and special activities throughout the year, you may even find it difficult to not be involved in one. One of the most exciting celebrations in Thailand is Thai New Year or locally known as, Songkran. Occurring on the 13th of April every year, with continued celebrations on the 14th and 15th of April, this is something the whole family will enjoy taking part in. You’ll see hundreds of people take to the streets with buckets of water and water pistols soaking anyone and everyone in the vicinity. So arm everyone with a water pistol and get involved in the fun!

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