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About Samoa

In the heart of the Pacific is Samoa, a cluster of islands that make for a wonderful holiday destination. Just a warning though, when you get home your friends will probably get sick of hearing how great it is. You'll just have to take them back to visit Samoa so they can see for themselves what you're raving about!

Samoa holidays are great for so many reasons. The islands are home to beautiful beaches, friendly locals and tonnes of chances to explore the nature of culture of the area. The Samoan culture, food, flea markets, people and traditions are all bold, delightful and down to earth, so you'll feel welcomed instantly!

Head to the lush rain forests and channel your inner Indiana Jones as you hike and explore. You'll come across waterfalls and picturesque views from the top of mountains. You can get a hint of what it was like for the first explorers of the world to first step foot on islands like these, as the rugged bush stretched out for miles and remains untouched.

After you've trekked your way through the green, head to the beach. If you still have boundless energy, grab a kayak and head to the aquamarine lagoons that seem bottomless. Have you tried snorkeling before? If not, you're in for a treat. The marine life is colourful and abundant, and snorkeling is a great way to see the majesty of the underwater world.

This is the ideal place to sip from a freshly plucked coconut and chill out with the latest thriller novel. Get your sunnies out, spread out your towel and settle in under the sun. Samoan holidays are a great time to relax - all you've got is time in this magical destination.

Popular Regions in Samoa

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