Resorts & Hotels - Baby Steps Let's be honest - travelling with tots can seem like an absolute nightmare on the surface, and many parents may avoid it until their children are older. The thing is, babies and toddlers can be a real handful, which is exactly why you deserve a holiday. Treat yourselves and your little ones to a trip away to celebrate making it through a year together!

As with any activity involving kids, the key to a good trip is in the planning. You'll need to think about the who, what, when, where, why and how of your trip - or let the travel planning experts do it for you.

Once you get past the temper tantrums and unannounced mood swings (and that's just Dad!) travelling with your family is a great way to spend time together and make memories to cherish forever. Here at Holiday Specialists, we recognise that you'll want to spend time with your little ones in a fun, family-friendly environment that still allows you to take time out and relax. That's why we've put together packages to suit the whole clan. We'll recommend the best destinations for your brood, from fabulous Fiji to the ultimate USA getaway.

While having babies doesn't mean you have to stop travelling, it does mean you may want to alter your pace so you don't all lose your minds. You'll be well aware that tots need plenty of attention and TLC, and unfortunately this doesn't change when you jet off overseas!

Despite the change in speed, holidaying with tots gives you one of the best experiences of all - seeing the world through the eyes of your tiny travellers. They'll reintroduce you to the magic of taking your time to explore and discover new wonders, and when you see their face light up staring at a starfish or stunning sunset, you'll know all the tears and tantrums have been more than worth it.

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