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Why Samoa needs to be on your destination bucket list

Here are seven reasons you should phone Hoot Holidays today to book your Samoan adventure and perfect package deal. It’s like no other place on earth. Explore our favourite fun facts about Samoan culture, traditions and customs below.

1. There is no word in the Samoan language for stress. That’s right. It doesn’t exist in Samoa. Family is the most important thing for Samoans. Wealth is shared and that’s why the people are so friendly, relaxed and welcoming to tourists. Embrace island time and you will be chilled out even before you unpack your bags.

2. It’s naturally beautiful. The ocean waters are crystal clear and full of inquisitive marine life. The turtles will keep you company most days as you paddle about in the all-year-round warm waters. There’s never really crowds on the white sandy beaches and you can always find a palm tree to sit under to escape the midday sun. And the rainforests are not only lush but filled with thunderous waterfalls (Papapapaitai Falls and Fulpisia Waterfall are two of our favourites), gorges and swimming holes.

Swimming with marine life

3. On Upolu, one of Samoa’s seven islands and home to the capital Apia, you can visit the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum; hike Mount Vaea; float in the Piula Cave pool; lounge on the beautiful Lalomanu Beach or swim in the magical waterhole called the To Sua Ocean Trench.

4. If you are heading to the Upolu region, Hoot Holidays has great accommodation deals across a range of resorts including Saletoga Sands Resort & Spa and adults-only retreat Sinalei Reef Resort and Spa. As far as getting there goes, the direct flight from Sydney to Samoa is about six hours. From Brisbane, a direct flight takes less than five hours.

5. Even if you are not religious, it is worth attending a church service in Samoa. The Samoans are devoutly religious and you are unlikely to hear better gospel singing anywhere else in the world. Sunday morning Church is an event not to be missed. The women are clad head-to-toe in white, always with a hat on their heads. Parishioners wave palm leaves to cool themselves in the steamy morning heat. And those voices! Deep, strong and confident. They lift you to an almost magical place. Attend a church service and we guarantee that you will have an instantly better understanding of Samoa.

6. It’s easy to have an adventure in Samoa – especially an ocean adventure. You can hire a catamaran, scuba dive among the stunning coral reefs, or just snorkel in the shallows. You can sample the thrills of game fishing just off the shore. These waters are teeming with life. If you do catch something you can often bring it back to the hotel and the chefs will prepare it for your dinner. Most resorts also offer the chance to kayak, surf or learn to paddleboard in the lapping shoreline waters.

Saletoga Sands - Paddleboarding

7. The weather is perfect for creating happy holidays. Samoa has a year-round average temperature of 28 degrees. The water temperature consistently sits in the low 20s which means that you can swim 365 days of the year. Samoa has two seasons and the dry season runs from May to October. You need to pack light clothes but remember Samoans are traditionally conservative so be respectful with your clothing choices. If that hasn’t convinced you, then check out some of the other amazing things to do in Samoa on our blog.