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What Makes the Fijian People So Special?

For those who have been to Fiji have firsthand witnessed some of the happiest people in the world. The Fijian locals never fail to smile, wave and welcome you with a friendly ‘Bula!’ So surely you’ve all wondered what exactly makes the Fijians so incredibly happy? We’ve done our research and put it down to these five factors.

1. Climate

It’s hard to be anything less than happy when you live in one of the most ideal climates in the world. The average temperature in Fiji is 25 degrees Celsius, and the islands receive 10 to 14 hours of tropical sunlight every day.

Exposure to sunlight is also linked to the production of serotonin – so it’s no surprise Fijian people are always smiling!

2. Community

If you have ever visited Fiji, you would have noticed the considerable importance of family and community. Families within villages are tightly-bound, and each person plays a role in supporting the family unit.

As well as tight-knit family culture, Fijian people have worked for years to preserve their unique song and dance rituals. You can see the pride and joy it brings to a village when they perform these traditional routines.

Why not immerse yourself in Fijian culture and see for yourself the depth and importance of Fiji’s community. You might learn a thing or two!

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3. Scenery

Picture waking up every day to vast ocean views glistening under the morning tropical sun and the quiet stirring of palm leaves in the breeze. This is likely most people’s mental ‘happy place’ but is a reality for Fijian people. The scenery they are surrounded by every day is something that would make anybody happy.

4. Sustainability

Fijians are incredibly concerned about protecting their beautiful land. With this concern comes a lot of involvement in environmental sustainability. Fijian people feel pride and happiness in helping their islands stay pure and beautiful, and that’s what makes them so special.

From reef conservation to mangrove restoration, the Fijian locals look after everything their islands need. So next time you’re visiting the beautiful archipelago, get involved in doing some good for Fiji and reap the rewards of happiness just like the locals.

5. Delicious tropical food

Fiji is also home to some of the freshest tropical foods of the world. Fijians grow their ingredients on home soil, so they know they are as fresh and nutrient-rich as possible.

Make sure to try ‘lovo’ - a Fiji traditional underground earth barbeque. It presents food with a delicious, unique smoky taste. You should also try ‘Kokoda’ which is raw mahi-mahi fish – a tasty dish that is common in Fiji. And of course, get your hands on some Kava.

Kava is the traditional Fijian ceremonial drink. It is a mildly narcotic drink that is shared during both important occasions and social interactions. The traditional drink has some properties that are said to relieve anxiety – perhaps this is why Fijian people are so happy!

Find out for yourself

Do yourself a favour and organise your next trip to Fiji to get to know some of the world’s happiest people. You are sure to learn some essential life lessons from these incredible souls.

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