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Five Reasons to Visit Vietnam

Golden Bridge

The beautiful city of Hoi An is a short 45-minute drive from Da Nang International Airport and is known as one of the most atmospheric cities in Vietnam. So, if you’re looking for a reason to go - here are five.

 1. Breathtaking Nature and Sightseeing in Vietnam

Hoi An’s central location allows you to enjoy the city lifestyle while being close to nature and the sights. Less than one hour away is the incredible Marble Mountains where you can check out the ancient limestone and marble carvings as well as the Fine Art Village, which is believed to be more than 300 years old.

If there’s one landmark you certainly have to check out, it's the Golden Bridge. Just two hours from Hoi An, the huge attraction features two giant hands made from fibreglass and wire mesh that appear to support the bridge looking over the vast forests. If nature and sightseeing are more your thing, our holiday specialists have plenty of Hoi An sights to recommend, just give them a bell.

 2. Delicious Cuisine in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine has been shaped over thousands of years with influences from countries like Mongolia and France. There are so many traditional meals you must try on your trip, such as Vietnam’s famous Pho soup (pronounced “fuh”) or Banh Xeo which means ‘sizzling pancake’. There is also the delicious Banh Mi -  a baguette filled with grilled meat (typically pork), pickled vegetables, spices and coriander.

Hoi An also offers fantastic cooking class tours. Thuan Tinh cooking day tour starts with a guided walk through the markets to choose your produce, before boarding a riverboat to transport you to the cooking class location. During a half-day tour, you will learn to make four of the most iconic dishes of Vietnamese cuisine - Banh Xeo, Pho Bo, Bun Bo and Goi Cuon. If food is your thing, and even if it’s not, this is a must. For a half-day culinary tour prices are around $60AUD per person - and if you’re bringing the kids along they can participate for half price unless they’re under five - it’s free.


 3. Vietnam’s Culture, History and People

Hoi An is an exceptionally well-preserved Ancient Town, home to some of the most intriguing buildings and architecture. Since 1999, Hoi An has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as one of the best-preserved trading ports. Be sure to check out the traditional wooden buildings and original architecture as well as the beautiful people that live in the city. Hoi An’s people have, over time, distinguished a unique culture and have preserved it for generations. You’ll be sure to learn a lot from the warm, friendly locals so feel free to ask around to find out more about the city’s history and its people.

 4. Fun Things to Do in Hoi An

There are so many activities offered in Hoi An - you will be spoilt for choice. Make time to visit the beautiful An Bang Beach, which is only a short, 13-minute drive from the city centre. Take a visit to the Japanese Covered Bridge; a popular destination for a romantic picture.

Make time for a tour of My Son ruins to explore the Hindu temples that were built between the 4th and 13th centuries. There is also the local Hoi An Museum where you can spend the day admiring photographs, ceramics and paintings before you head out to experience the nightlife across the central footbridge at Hoi An islet. This area of Hoi An has plenty of bars for you to relax after a big day of activities.

My Son

 5. Vietnam’s Affordability

Hoi An is an incredibly competitive town, which is good news for visitors hoping to get a good deal. Often prices of goods at the markets are inflated, so do not be shy to haggle the price down - respectfully, of course. Common goods sold in Hoi An’s markets include silk products, lanterns, fans, keychains and t-shirts. Rule of thumb is to pay about 25% of the asking price, so there is room to move.

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