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What to pack for a trip to Vanuatu

Going on holiday to Vanuatu? Cool! That is, until someone asks that fateful question, "What are you going to pack?"

Packing in general is never exactly the fun part of your trip - selecting appropriate outfits for a place you've never been before can be challenging. You almost always leave something behind that you wish you had on hand. However, sometimes it's something you really need, like underwear, in which case you know you're headed into the local gift shop or town upon arrival. Shoot!

Don't let this be you. Follow these guidelines that takes the stress out of knowing what to pack and get on to the good part or your trip.

1. Undergarments 

This is first on the list because it's always the most forgotten (somehow). Pack for a couple of extra days so you can stay fresh after changing out of a bathing suit and into regular clothes. Put your undergarments in your travel bag and don't forget about them!

2. Medicines

Make sure you don't forget anything that requires a prescriptions, or any medications that you won't be able to get on a remote, tropical island. You never want to be without your inhaler, or even your typical allergy medications.

3. Clothing for all weather 

Your trip is going to go off without a hitch, so all you really need to pack is a bathing suit and beach cover up, right? Wrong. Weather can be unpredictable, especially on subtropical islands. While this shouldn't deter you from a visit, it's just a gentle reminder to be prepared. If you get caught without a jumper on a chilly evening, you might be able to buy a new one in town, but why not instead be prepared so you don't have to spend the unnecessary money? Here's what you'll need:

  • A couple of bathing suit options

  • Beachwear (dresses, shorts, T-shirts)

  • Sun protection, like a hat

  • Rain jacket

  • Jumper

  • Pants

  • Sandals and sneakers.

4. Accoutrements 

Don't forget a little bit of flair! Perhaps an oversized sun hat or an embarrassing vacation T-shirt that your husband promised you he sold in the last garage sale, yet somehow found it's way into your suitcase. But you'll let it slide. If the kids are coming on this trip, ensure their favourite toys or games are on hand to keep them occupied!

5. Toiletries 

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other sanitary objects you need should not be left behind on the bathroom counter. They should, however, go in last as you'll want to remain fresh up until the last minute. This also includes sunscreen as they tend to be more expensive on the island.

There you have it. You can't forget a thing so long as you follow this list as you pack. Now go have fun!