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What to do with 24 hours in Port Vila

Time - there's simply never enough of it. It disappears in a flash when you hit the snooze button in the morning, but it's amazing how 24 hours in a great city such as Port Vila can disappear even more quickly.

If you've only got a small amount of time to spend in Vanuatu's capital city (perhaps you're on a stopover, or are just visiting before moving on to another town), here's our quick itinerary for how to spend it!

Breakfast at Au Peche Mignon

Many of the restaurants and resorts in Port Vila serve breakfast, but none of them do it quite like Au Peche Mignon. This French-inspired cafe is located in the heart of the village just in front of the main market.

It's everything you could want from a French eatery - perfect flaky pastries, rich tarts, croissants, macarons, eclairs, perfect coffees and more. If you've got eyes for more than you can possibly manage in one sitting, pick up a treat or two for later in the day!

A morning at Vanuatu's Jungle Zipline

The zipline at Mele Bay is a fun, quick, and scenic taste of Port Vila, so it's a perfect stop on your whirlwind itinerary! You'll head up to the Summit Gardens, fly over forest canopies and zoom down six different ziplines.

All up, it will only take a few hours, so you can get there and back and still have plenty of time in your day.

Lunch at Summit Gardens

Before you leave, however, grab a bite to eat for lunch at the Summit Gardens. This gorgeous spot will give you time to relax and admire the view from a seat that doesn't move, all the while filling up on a tasty lunch from the cafe.

An afternoon at the markets

No trip to Vanuatu is complete without a market experience, and Port Vila's is one of the best. They occur every day of the week bar Sundays, and are where you can buy everything from artwork, beads, shells, jewellery and other souvenirs to clothes, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Take your time wandering amongst the stalls, chatting to the sellers and picking up anything that takes your fancy.

Swimming and sunset on the beach at Mele Bay

Make your way to Mele Bay for the sunset. Vanuatu often enjoys spectacular views of deep reds and bright oranges over the ocean as the sun goes down, and Mele Bay is one of the best places near Port Vila to see it.

Get there a little earlier so you can fit in some time in the water paddling around in the tropical warmth and feeling the sand beneath your toes.

Dinner and drinks at Chill Restaurant

At the end of your big day in Port Vila, you'll likely just want to put your feet up and chill. You can do just that at Chill Restaurant and Bar. It's upstairs next to the main markets, and has a large range of meal options for the whole family - including a great kids menu. It's known for its crab dishes, large wine list and stunning harbour views.

Finally, collapse into bed at the end of the night, and promise yourself to book for more than just one day next time!