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What makes a family holiday in Vanuatu so special?

What makes a family holiday in Vanuatu so special?

If you're looking for a family friendly holiday on a unique tropical island, then look no further than Vanuatu. This is the ultimate family spot for when you and the kids aren't interested in waiting in long lines at amusement parks and are instead after some serious adventure.

This Pacific island is filled with deserted beaches for building sandcastles, coral reefs for snorkelling and ancient culture to learn about. Come with us, and we'll tell you more about what makes Vanuatu so special for families.

Amazing culture: General friendly nature of people

The second you step on this island you'll notice just how friendly the people are. In Vanuatu, children are especially beloved - so much so that you might even find that the whole community will want to make your family feel welcome and comfortable. You really can't say that of every foreign country you visit, now can you? In general, everyone is extremely laid-back and loves to flash a smile, making for the ultimate island life vibe. 

Awesome adventure: Special family activities in Vanuatu

Once you've made a couple of new friends, it's time to really explore the islands. There are over 80 of them, so it's useful to have a little bit of direction. Depending on what your family is looking for, we have some special family activities in Vanuatu and deals on those various experiences. Check them out:

Port Vila Day Tour 

Port Vila is one of the main attractions of Vanuatu. If you want to get to know more about the culture and the city, then this is the spot for you and your family. Grab a bite to eat and shop around the market as you peruse this historic town.

Reef Explorer

You've never explored reefs like this before. The boat has a viewing room in the keel that allows you to feel like you're up close and personal with some of the tropical fish, like Butterflyfish and Parrotfish. Of course, you also have the option to get in the water and go snorkelling as well! 

Mele Cascade Tour

Who doesn't love a good waterfall? Mele Cascade is one of the most popular sites in Port Vila, and once you see the beautiful water falling into a tranquil pool, you'll understand why. This tour introduces you to the locals and takes you around the Secret Gardens, which consists of three acres of botanical wonder.

All of these tours are located in the Port Vila region, and they all come in cheap packages. Learn more about those packages here. 

Interested in booking a trip for the family in Vanuatu? We don't blame you! Contact our team if you have any questions - we'd love to help send your family on the holiday of a lifetime.