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What can adrenalin-loving families do in Vanuatu?

Is your idea of a great day out something that gets your heart racing? Is it obvious that the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree with a brood of adrenalin-junkie kids? Are your family photo albums full of photos where you're upside down, soaking or covered in mud?

Vanuatu is more than just lazy days spent by the beach and lying in hammocks pretending like you're reading when you're really taking your fifth nap of the day. While it certainly is all that, check out these epic adventures you can have on a Vanuatu holiday that will have your blood pumping so hard you can almost hear it!

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline

Approximately 20 minutes from Port Vila is Mele Bay, the location of your first thrilling ride. Here, you and the family will soar down six ziplines, flying over canyons, jungle, and a secret waterfall. You'll get a great view of beautiful Mele Bay as you zoom over the canopies, and you get to enjoy a bit of walking to access the lines, too.

It's good for ages four to 89, but if it's simply not daring enough for someone in your group, they can easily check out the summit walk, relax in the cafe, or work as your personal zip-photographer. And if you want to add just one more adventure to this experience, you can start the trek with a 15-minute helicopter ride over the canyon.

Be sure to wear good walking shoes, and if you plan to take photos or videos during the ziplining, have some form of lanyard so a dropped phone or camera doesn't equate to a lost phone or camera.

Millennium Cave

The Millennium Cave is an idyllic spot roughly 45 minutes from Luganville. And what better way to see a cave than to trek through the forest, climb over the boulders, swim through the waters, then climb out at the end?

Before entering, you'll have clay painted onto your faces in symbolic designs to protect you from any harm (although there are more sturdy safety guides than that), before entering the dark cave with torches that will allow you to find your way through and spot the cave bats and swallows on the roof inside. After a quick lunch, you'll be climbing over boulders and jumping into pools at the base of waterfalls.

You'll need a reasonable level of fitness to tour through this cave, as well as sturdy shoes. Note that it's not suitable for younger kids under the age of 12.

Wet'n'Wild Adventure Park

Located conveniently in Port Vila, this adventure park has a little bit of everything hair-raising.

Zorbing is where you roll down a massive hill inside a giant clear ball that's been filled with enough water to allow you to slosh around (rather than spin downhill!). Of course, this park has one of the biggest and longest tracks in the world. You all know how go-karts work, and on this course you can cruise around the 250-metre dirt track and try to outrace the kids.

The Human Slingshot is just as good as it sounds, where you'll be launched 50 metres through the air - horizontally - on bungee ropes. Bubble soccer is essentially a mix of soccer and a human pinball game (we'll let you figure that one out), and the cable hangliding experience is opening at the park soon.

You can pick one, or grab a combo to do a whole bunch of these adventures at once. Activities such as the slingshot have a weight minimum (25kg) and others have an age minimum (five years) so you should be able to enjoy this park with the whole adrenalin-loving family!