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Top 5 things to do around Port Vila with the family

Top 5 things to do around Port Vila with the family

Is it about that time of year? The point where you realise you and the family haven't been on a holiday in a while? You know, Vanuatu may be a small tropical island, but it is absolutely big on adventure! When you take the family to Port Vila, there is a little something for everyone. 

Check out five of our favourite activities to do in Port Vila and we think you'll agree, it's the ultimate place for your next family getaway. 

1. Vila Outdoor Market

Let's begin with a good old fashioned family outing at the Vila Outdoor Market! Nicknamed Mama's Market, this event takes place on the waterfront from Monday morning to Saturday at noon. During these times, the streets are bustling with colourful customers and vendors alike. Come explore the vibrant and exotic dresses, and flavours of the local fruits. If you and the kids are brave, you can even venture into the fish market area - it's a little stinky, but if you love nothing more than fresh seafood, it won't get any fresher than this!

2. Mount Yasur volcano 

Up for a big adventure? Why not climb Vanuatu's famous volcano, Mount Yasur on nearby Tanna Island? You can see its bubbling lava at the top of its 361  metre high summit. If you're eager to see the volcano in its best light, you should go around twilight, as it emits a mesmerising glow. But don't worry, you can only get as close as 150 m to the edge, and if it is considered dangerous, locals won't let you go near it! This is truly a once in a lifetime experience that few will be able to say they got to explore.

3. Hideaway Island Underwater Post Office

What is an underwater post office, you wonder? Well, it is Vanuatu's official Post Office and your next unique snorkel adventure! Kids can post special waterproof postcards to friends and family back at home. It can be more exciting for the kids to have something constructive to do and you can make snorkelling even more exciting with this activity!

Of course, Vanuatu has idyllic beaches with snorkelling, kayaking, sailing and more excursions that the family can enjoy so you can enjoy the beach to the fullest. 

4. Ekasup Cultural Village

Just a 10 minute drive from Port Vila, you and the kids can check out the unique culture of the islanders. Explore the traditional lifestyle in what the locals call the kastom village. You'll find that the people here are incredibly happy, friendly and willing to teach you all about their traditions and customs. Set in beautiful, lush surroundings, you might even get to meet the chief, who will educate you on their history as well. Go home with a cultural souvenir to commemorate the adventure. 

5. Mele Cascades 

All ages can enjoy a good hike to a waterfall! The Mele Cascades are some of Vanuatu's most famous waterfalls, so the falls are an absolute must-do. The location is the perfect place for a family photo, if you and the kids can stay out of the water long enough, that is! On a hot day, and after the hike, you'll likely be ready to dive in and swim around in the pool below the gushing falls. It's at this moment that it's nice to take a second to reflect on how lucky you are to be with your family in such an amazing place. 

Seems pretty fun, doesn't it? Use this list as an itinerary of things to do while you are on holiday so you and your family have plenty to explore!