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Thrilling activities in Vanuatu

If you love adventure, you'll love Vanuatu. This is the same place where locals tested their bravery by tying vines to their ankles and jumping out of trees, where volcanoes erupt, sunken treasures exist just off the coast and sharks glide through the water.

Are you looking to get away with your older kids? This is the holiday location for you.

Dive to the depths

The island of Espiritu Santo is a wonderful place to visit if you want to be wowed by a shipwreck. It's been said that this is the world's largest and most accessible and intact wreck that you can dive to. The mighty SS President Coolidge now lives below the waves and it's a totally thrilling and eerie experience to swim right by it.

In 1942, the WWII troop carrier accidentally hit an American mine. Luckily the ship was right near the shore, so all 5,000 of the crew, except two, swum safely to shore.

There are about 10 different dives, all focusing on different areas of the vessel. You will follow a rope down to the bottom of the ocean where the ship resides. Along with the boat itself, you can see cannons, jeeps, trucks, guns, medical items such as pill bottles with tablets still inside and a whole array of personal items.

Abseil down a waterfall

Jump at the chance to have a unique experience and abseil down the completely stunning Mele Cascades Waterfall - right from the top to bottom. The team here are focused on showing you this amazing natural wonder, ensuring you have an exciting experience and are safe the entire time.

Climb the highest peaks

Mount Yasur is famous in Vanuatu and beyond, because it is the world's most accessible active volcano. You can climb right up to the edge, and in the evening the fireworks display put on by the volcano is truly thrilling. The volcano is never quiet, erupting every few minutes with another fiery burst.