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The top 10 beaches in Vanuatu

The top 10 beaches in Vanuatu

The island nation, Vanuatu is one of the best holiday locations in the Pacific. Its remote location makes for an amazing experience that's hard to match.

There are many reasons to visit Vanuatu. Its unique ancient culture and world class diving are a big draw cards, but beyond Vanuatu's better known aspects, we have to say that the real beauty of holidaying in Vanuatu is largely discovering the enormous amount of beauty and pristine beaches found on the 83 island archipelago. Everything from the golden sands around Port Vila, to more deserted options, you can find exactly what you're looking for in Vanuatu.

83 islands sounds like a lot and, it is. So how do you know which beach to start with? Which is the best for family outings? Or even just a romantic getaway for Mum and Dad? And what ones are accessible from your accommodation. Fret not, we're here to make your holiday in Vanuatu even easier. Here's our list of the top 10 beaches in Vanuatu that are perfect for the whole family.

1. Hideaway Island Resort

Want to find a place off the beaten path? The Hideaway Island Resort is well worth finding! Located just outside Port Vila (10 km), this destination isn't too far removed from all the action in the village, and even comes with its own tourist attractions, like the Marine Sanctuary and the Underwater Post office. Swim, snorkel or kayak out to this unique post and you can actually mail a letter - just make sure it's waterproof or the receiver will get a rather soggy message...

2. Aore Beach

Located on Aore Island just off Luganville, you get to this beach via a 10 minute ferry ride (provided by the Aore Resort) from Phillips Warf. As you approach, you'll be greeted with the crystal clear water lapping up the white-coral shore. This island is 11 km long and 9 km wide and is surrounded by coconut plantations. It's the ultimate beach holiday excursion.

3. Port Olry Beach

Port Olry is located on the main island of Espiritu Santo. This is a French-speaking village so it's perfect for kids (or parents) learning French. The beach itself is known for dazzling reef snorkelling and snow white sand that does wonders for a day of relaxation. If you're looking for a quiet beach community, away from the rush of other tourists, this will be an attractive spot for you. Driving north, it's easily accessible via the East Coast Road.

4. Champagne Beach

This beach is just as relaxing as a glass of bubbles! But it's not named after the delicious libations, rather, this unique beach was named for the freshwater spring which flows into the lagoon and through the rocks, fizzing and popping like a glass of Champagne or Prosecco. One of the best beaches on our planet. It's perfect for a day trip as it's only 30 minutes south of Port Olry on Espiritu Santo.

5. Bokissa Beach

Now this, is the poster child for Vanuatu and therefore a can't-miss. We're talking white sand, gorgeous palm trees and colourful reef underneath water so blue you'll think it's fake. You and the family might find yourself taking a couple of trips to this beach while on holiday. It's located off Espiritu Santo so you get to this island by the private boat which we can arrange for you with the resort.

6. Friendly Beach

Friendly Beach on Tanna Island is another way to get off the beaten path. It is a co-operative eco-resort in an area of Tanna that's free of shops, internet and electricity. There are plenty of cool things to do to get in touch with nature. It's located on the East Coast of Tanna, only a short drive from the spectacular Mt Yasur Volcano and close to Port Resolution, the hot spring, John Frum Village and seasonal whale watching!

There's no public transport in Tanna, but with all our packages we include transport, so there's no need to worry.

7. Erakor Beach

Erakor Beach is located on an island not far off mainland Port Vila (7.2 km and a short ferry), so it's not too big of a mission for you and the family. Erakor Lagoon is a quieter beach for those looking to escape it all. The spot offers resort spas for a little extra TLC as well.

8. Million Dollar Point

This is a must-visit whilst in Espiritu Santo. There is an abundance of fish life, and the beautiful sand beach and crystal clear water makes this the perfect snorkelling and diving spot. Million Dollar Point aptly named for the amount of equipment and gear that the Americans dumped into the sea at the end of the war – lorries, bulldozers, trucks, containers, forklifts and more all have come to rest just off the beach all both close to the surface and down to a depth of 40 metres.

9. Breakas Beach

Picture this: a cute crescent bay, soft golden sand and Hollywood-esque palm trees - that's Breakas Beach. he Breakas Beach Resort is located in Port Vila and features an 'adults only' section, so it's perfect for parents looking for a little time to unwind away from the kids.

10. The Havannah Beach

Step onto this beach and you'll quickly see why it's been dubbed a 'paradise' in Port Vila. Located on the sunny and sheltered West Coast of Efate about a 45 minute drive from Port Vila. Spend the morning wandering through the perfectly manicured tropical gardens before heading to the beach for an afternoon of floating and snorkelling in the lagoon. It's the perfect vacation.

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