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The best surfing spots in Vanuatu

Many travellers go on vacation to remote tropical islands in hopes of becoming a master of the waves by the time they return home. Some are already professional surfers looking for unfamiliar waters to conquer. Others are hoping at the very least to learn how to stand upright on the board in choppy waters.

In Vanuatu, there is a plethora of amazing beaches that are ideal for any skill level! You see, Vanuatu has recently become a popular surf spot because it has some of the cleanest conditions in the South Pacific (specifically from March to December). Since it is new on the scene, it's also significantly less crowded, which is a bonus for those just starting out as much as it is for seasoned riders.

Before you grab a board and hit the waves, first check out this guide to the best surfing spots in Vanuatu and go from there!

Erakor Point, Port Vila

Erakor Point is ideal for more experienced riders, as this location is considered a reef zone - meaning you have to know how to dodge coral (or the occasional reef shark)! The surf in the winter is quite steady, but frequenters of these waters explain that the waves are best when the winds are coming in from the north/northwest. In the right conditions, Erakor Point rolls out barreling waves, so get ready to chase them down.

Pango Point, Port Vila

Pango Point is both a great surf spot, and an interesting dive sight. Here, you have a full day of aquatic activities to pursue! The surf is ideal for all skill levels, as the swell can grow anywhere from four to six feet and features the same hollow waves that Erakor Point experiences. If you're just starting out, watch the pros take on the waves and see if you can pick up any pointers. Otherwise, just grab a teacher who will teach you a proper technique.

Port Resolution, Tanna Village

The best swells here are just outside of the village, and because the water is relatively protected from high winds inside the bay area, this is marked as a perfect spot for beginners. Plus, the water is fairly warm as it's located nearby a volcanic hot water vent. This means that if you fall over, you can get back up on that board and try again! Just beware, certain points of the bay do have a bit of coral. To avoid crashing into sharp edges, find yourself a local to teach you the ropes!

Take advantage of these amazing surfing locations before they start to get more popular. As people start to hear about the pristine swells from current riders you better believe it'll start to get crowded. Say you rode the waves first!