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The best fishing spots in Vanuatu

The best fishing spots in Vanuatu


What are your ideal activities to do to relax while on holiday? Something like lounging on the beach or an evening of fine dining at a delicious seafood restaurant might be the more popular answers - but perhaps you enjoy something a little more thrilling.

Why not combine these two activities? In Vanuatu, you can do just that. Soak up the sun and catch your own dinner all in one place. That's because this country has an awesome fishing scene that is suitable for all experience levels. Let's check it out!

Port Olry 

You'll be surrounded by a good fishing community when you visit the French-speaking Port Olry. Here you'll have to be a little more stealthy than you would in a rushing stream, because the waters are crystal clear and fish can see you. Not to mention that you'll have to be careful not to hook some coral. Hint: If your line isn't budging, you aren't in an epic battle with a massive fish, you're likely just caught on a reef.

The town, however, is a great area for you to swap fishing war stories in, or just to enjoy someone else's fresh catch of the day.

Deep sea fishing

Of course, if you want to catch some of the bigger game, you can head out to darker waters and try your luck at deep sea fishing. Sign up for trips that range from a couple of hours to a few days and see what the Pacific has in store for you. If you get lucky, you'll really have to battle it out with fish like the Pacific Blue Marlin, Spearfish, Mahi Mahi, Dogtooth Tuna and Yellowfin Tuna. So as you can see, there is ample opportunity to catch yourself a fresh seafood dinner out here!

The most popular fish 

The number one fish you'll come across in Vanuatu's waters is none other than the Blue Marlin. Fishing conditions are good for most of the year, so there's not a bad time to go catch a Marlin. But locals do suggest that you'll catch the most between October and November. This is when the south east trade winds blow winter winds, making the sea conditions optimal for great fishing.

So book your trip now and start thinking about the lures you want to bring along! This fishing paradise is waiting for you.